1. What it is? is the easiest and most complete website for accessing the Bible and Scripture resources in thousands of languages. Through text, audio, and video, Scripture Earth provides access to Scripture resources from the best Bible translation and Scripture distribution organizations, such as YouVersion, Wycliffe, CRU, Faith Comes by Hearing/Hosanna, SIL and many more. We collaborate to provide Bible access to all the languages of the world from a single internet website.
  2. Why it is important? Many people have moved from their home countries, some freely and others by force, requiring a change to a new language. For them, their first language is a significant part of their identity. It is the language that speaks to their heart’s deepest questions about life and God. 20% of the U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home; about 65 million people. can be a bridge to restoration, hope, and access to God’s Word in a language and form they clearly understand.
  3. How to use it? Giving access to God’s Word will happen as each of us promote to our churches and contacts. You and I can bookmark it on our smartphones, place the website on our email, Facebook, blog posts, Twitter, and our personal and organizational publications. Please like the pages you open on Scripture Earth and share with others. I think God made the internet to provide Scripture Access to the world.
  4. The Goal is to inform North America about this resource. Promotion to 400,000 churches, and Christian schools, Universities, Native American Communities, Refugee ministries, and Christian media. Together we can provide Scripture access to the world!

Here are steps to get started:

  1. In your church: Ask your church to place the website on a Sunday morning information slide or bulletin. Each Sunday make a ten-second announcement, “If you grew up speaking a language other than English, go to and hopefully you will find a Bible or Scripture resources in your language.”
  2. In Your community: Start a conversation. An example: The man behind the counter had an African accent. I commented that I had worked in Africa and asked what country he was from. He said Zambia. I showed him the website on my phone and I entered Zambia under country. When the languages came up I asked which of the 35 languages he spoke. With a big smile, he showed me his language. I clicked it and showed him all the Bible and other resources available. I handed him the SE card. He was very appreciative and said he would look at it later. Because it is “His” language, he will pass it on to family and friends back home.
  3. Ask God how He wants you to help connect people to His Word in their language. God is creative and He will show you new and better ways.

Give Scripture Earth cards to people who grew up speaking a language other than English.  I can ship you some cards or you can make up your own.  Once you have it bookmarked on your phone you can easily show others the site. 

Jim McCabe    520 599-2470

Judy McCabe    520 268-3681

photo of child reading holy bible

Facelift for Scripture Earth Website

March 2019

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We are excited to introduce the new look to the front page of the web page. (See above) Our developing team worked very hard for several months to come up with this look. We just received March statistics for Scripture (SE) and it is astounding! These figures are doubled from 2017. Promoting is working! People are finding Gods Word in their language! Thanks so much for praying for this to happen!

Oct-Mar 2018-19
Individual visitors    192,593
How many visits        254,477
Number of pages opened      772,004
How many minutes spent viewing material    332,601

Comings and Goings
In our last letter, we told about our trip to Baton Rouge to help some long-time friends.  Judy decluttered, cleaned, and watched HGTV with the wife, while Jim put up blinds in their kitchen, to help her feel safer, worked on the car and other honey-dos that her husband can’t do. (Remember he has Neural Invasive West Nile Virus and has been in the hospital since Aug.) His rehabilitation is a long, possibly, 2-year process. He is improving and for that we thank God.  Please pray for Arval and for his wife Penny with increasing memory challenges.

Land Transportation Recurrent Training
After Baton Rouge, we headed to NC. Jim needed to get his annual recurrent training on the JAARS 4X4 training material.  See the picture below. We also got to see our grandkids in Hickory for a week. While in Hickory, Jim visited 35 churches. Most of the pastoral staff were not at the church buildings. (They were out doing ministry!) Pray with us for a better strategy to speak to church leaders and for follow-up.

20190226_135608-ANIMATION (1)

On our way back to Dallas, Texas we stopped by the Choctaw Nation Bible translation project in Mississippi. We met Chris and Millie, the Choctaw speakers and Laura, the Wycliffe colleague working with them. We showed them the Scripture Earth website and their Choctaw material on it. Jim taught them how to get more of their Scripture projects on it, and helped them bookmark it to their smartphones. Pray for the finishing of the checking of their NT; they are getting close and the enemy is ramping up attacks.

We will work in Dallas until March 15th and then make our way to Florida. Our friend Mike is loaning us his RV. It is waiting for us at the RV park across the street from the Wycliffe USA headquarters.  There are just enough donations in the Scripture Earth Promotion Project to use the RV if we keep it in one place. Our plan is to work in Orlando from mid-March to mid-May. We will promote to the staff working at the Wycliffe office as well as churches and organizations working with refugees. Pray for travel mercies and good connections! Pray for our friend Mike; he is fighting prostate cancer.  

Every week we see why God led us to Texas.
Not only have we talked to 500+ people and distribute 750+ Scripture Earth communication cards, but we got to attend several mission conferences. We had a display table at both the Evangelical Missiological Society and Global Languages Services Conferences. We came away with better insight into the migrant population issues, and how different organizations are trying to address it. People are starting to understand how important Scripture Earth is to organizations needing to provide the Bible in a language and form people understand best.

Each significant conversation with someone about the website and its resources help to spread this tool. It’s so cool when someone “gets it” and becomes excited to share it stateside and around the world. One conference speaker, with an amazing story, told of being carried along on a God-ordained wave as a refugee group came into their lives. Long story, but through this encounter, a church was born in Winston-Salem and new missionaries from among the refugees are now returning to their home country to evangelize and encourage the believers. They are using Scripture Earth! Yeah! God is waking-up the Church. Pray for those reaching out to refugees. Pray that the Church will be His hands and feet.

Refugees do not move by choice
What should be our response?
Protect life and Dignity

Filippo Grandi, U.N.
High Commissioner for Refugees.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Luke 6:36 NASB

Thank you for your vital part in this ministry to give God’s word to people in Dallas, TX, the USA, and beyond! We could not do this without you.

Jim and Judy McCabe
520 599-2470

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Open Doors

God has opened many doors for us to share the Scripture Earth website in Dallas since we arrived on January 8. It’s been remarkable! We have spoken with a couple hundred people and have given out 500 info cards. It has been exciting to see the enthusiasm as people grasp the enormity of what can happen when this website is shared.

Eyes Light Up
Part of our focus has been to promote it to Wycliffe/SIL and other partner organizations working on the International Linguistic Center in Duncanville, TX. We encourage them to share it with others. Joy spread on the face of a nurse when a colleague shared it with her. Judy shared it with a Navaho lady who shared it with her grandparents who still speak the language. Jim shared it with a husband and wife from Nepal and they were intrigued.  We have also visited several churches and refugee ministries. Wish you could see their eyes light up as they access the scripture resources available on their phones in their mother tongue language.

You probably remember that we are asking God for an RV to criss-cross the US promoting the website.  Recently a friend, Mike, called to offer us the short term use (as in months not years) of his 30 ft C-class RV.  We are so thankful for his offer, but after praying about his offer, we were reminded that the Scripture Earth Promotion Project has not been funded yet, something that is accomplished through individuals, churches, or businesses. This project will cover the costs of promotional materials, transportation expenses, and advertising. Wycliffe doesn’t want us using our personal ministry budget to cover these expenses. The 2019 budget is $11,800. Will you pray with us? Together we will watch God provide for this!

Something you can do is start a group funding site on the internet. Wycliffe offers a really easy way to do this. Find it here. There are other good sites as well like, FaceBook FundraiserGo Fund Me, and crowdfunding.

URGENT PRAYER for our friend Mike. He has prostate cancer. It was in remission but has returned. It has spread significantly and he is entering an experimental program.

Pray also for the Scripture Earth developers and programmers. They are in the process of moving the site to another server location. It outgrew the old location. As a result, the site also lost its funding. But praise God, last week some Wycliffe volunteers in Tucson committed to funding it for 2019.

Pray for wisdom as we research and plan the next 12 months. We want to be at the locations and events where the scripture earth resource can have the greatest impact.
*If you know of an event, ministry, organization or church that needs to know about this website please let us know.

Praise we are getting some promotional materials created.  It’s very time-consuming for us non-media folks, but we are thankful for a colleague who is helping them look great!

Personal Prayer we are in Baton Rouge for a week  (Feb 9 – 16) to help our friend Arval recovering from neuro-invasive West Nile Virus and his wife who has memory issues. Her sister will be away for two weeks ministering at a retreat for missionaries in Asia. Just Saturday a specialist from Mississippi came to do a nerve conduction test which showed his nerves are good so that PT should increase. Pray the insurance will approve this treatment and that he can improve his breathing.

Thank you for partnering with us,

Jim McCabe
520 599-2470,
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681,



Prayer Requests – Jan 2019

Greetings Prayer Team

God is good, all the time, God is good! We are now in the Dallas, Texas area until mid March. Pray with us for:

  1. Our first challenge is getting our Wycliffe promotion materials designed and printed.
  2. Then our primary focus will be helping pastors and churches understand what is and how to use it in their church.
  3. We will be working with refugee aid groups, both Christian and secular introducing them to and how to use Scripture in a refugees language to bring calm in stressful transitions.
  4. We’ll be introducing Christian schools, primary, high school and college to and how to use it.
  5. We hope there will be time to build ads for Christian media; print, internet, radio and TV. Pray it can happen.
  6. Continue to pray for our health. Jims chest congestion and cough are still with him. Judy’s back is still aching. (She thinks its from criss-crossing the States in our little pickup.)
  7. Keep praying for God’s provision of an RV for us to use.

The US census bureau tells us that 20% of the people living in the US do not speak English at home. They grew up speaking a language other than English. They may only have a 40% – 60% comprehension of English. That isn’t enough to understand the Bible in English. That other language is what they pray in. They need to be reading the Bible in that other language. is the easiest way to find Scripture in thousands of languages. The church is an excellent place for refugees to learn English and American traditions. The church can place the web site on their Sunday morning info slides, in the church bulletin, on the church web page and make a simple ten second announcement at the beginning of each service. Something like, ” If you did not grow up speaking English, go to this website and hopefully find the Bible in your language. Then you can follow along in your language on your smartphone.” This can be an excellent Christian outreach to the percentage of church attendees who know some English don’t speak English at home.

Thanks for your prayer partnership, none of this could be happening without your involvement.

1st Corinthians 19 Scripture Image

Jim and Judy McCabe with Wycliffe promotion.

520 599-2470

JAARS 4X4 Training in PNG, Dec 2018

Why do land transportation training?  How hard can driving a 4X4 or motorcycle be?

Good questions! The answer is simple. It saves lives, reduces injuries, reduces cost of replacing or repairing very expensive equipment. But most important it keeps our people who do very important work on the job. Those people are getting the Bible translated into a language people best understand.

Most humans adapt to cultural norms very quickly. Driving a vehicle is no exception. The three things that injure and kill more drivers and occupants in developing nations are not using seat belts, overloading, and driving too fast.  In many countries driving with a seat belt on is inconvenient and unprofitable. Too often overloaded vehicles are the norm.  There is little understanding of the vehicle manufacturers requirements about loading.  These are bad habits, but bad habits involving motor vehicles are dangerous.

Information learned from motor vehicle accidents in the host countries have helped our JAARS Land Transportation program to craft a driving safety and maintenance program to meet the needs of those living and working in our world wide translation locations.

Pray that more people in other locations can get this training.

Photos of the Papua New Guinea trip:



For the rest of the photo story go to   Jim’s PNG photos

Thanks for praying

Jim and Judy McCabe

520 599-2470

End of 2018 note

And its been a good year…


Christmas 2018 is over. We hope that yours was blessed with joyful times of celebration. We had a wonderful time with two of our three children and our 3 grandkids.

The countdown to the New Year is on! As it draws to a close will you consider making a donation to the Wycliffe Scripture Earth Promotion project fund? Through this project you will have a part in giving the gift of the Scriptures in a form and language best understood by those refugees in our midst. Like to a Malaysian women who recently was introduced to the website. Her eyes went wide with amazement as she found many resources available on her smartphone. She was excited to return home to show her aunt what she had found. Then there’s the Filipino woman living in Illinois who also had a similar reaction as she was blown away by all of the resources available. She said she would be forwarding this to her mother and family who were still in the Philippines.

Thanks for sharing the website with people you meet and sharing your stories with us.

Jim returned to the US, Dec. 17th, from the 4×4 training course in PNG. It went really well and was appreciated by the participants. (He said he will write an email…soon.) I joined him in North Carolina on the 18th.


Judys Back
The Friday before I flew out to meet him in NC, my SI joint went out. I could barely walk and surely couldn’t get the house cleaned for the snowbirds who will be staying in it, January and February. Thank you to those from our church who helped get it clean. Please pray for healing as it is still bothering me.

Right now we are in Wichita seeing Jim’s Dad, who was in the hospital over Christmas. He’s doing great now. We will head down to Dallas the end of the week where we will be promoting the SE website to churches and ministries until March. God provided a place for us to stay and we are excited to begin our Scripture Earth website promotion work there.

May you grow closer to Jesus in 2019

Jim and Judy

Jim McCabe
520 599-2470,
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681,
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Now to the end of the year…


Phil 1: 3-6   My prayers for you are full of praise to God as I give Him thanks for you with great joy! I’m so grateful for our union and our enduring partnership that began the first time I presented to you the gospel. I pray with great faith for you, because I’m fully convinced that the One who began this glorious work in you will faithfully continue the process of maturing you and will put his finishing touches to it until the unveiling of our Lord Jesus Christ! (The Passion Translation (TPT))

You, our family, friends, and partners, are who we think of as we read these verses. We do pray for you individually, thanking God for you, and believe God is doing a glorious work in you which He will put his finishing touches to when Christ returns. In heaven we will begin to understand the enormity of the outreach each of us had. What perhaps seems minor at the time will have a pivotal impact in bringing people to know Jesus.  Thank you a thousand times!!!

We are so thankful for our good, good Father who gives His kids exactly what they need. We are so grateful to Him for bringing our Wycliffe ministry budget to 100%.  It’s because of you, your prayers, and your financial partnership that it’s been completed.

We pray that your Thanksgiving celebrations will be fun, filling, fight-free and full of gratefulness!

Itinerary for the rest of the 2018

  • Wednesday, Nov 21th: Jim will be driving our little pickup from Tucson to North Carolina. He had planned to leave Monday,  Nov 19th, but some issues showed up on the truck, he’ll be working on it Monday. (Prayer request) Judy can’t join him as she has superior court duty in Dec. She will join him Dec. 18.
  • Saturday Nov 24th: He plans to be in Hickory, NC, to spend Saturday night and Sunday with our daughter Jody and family.
  • Monday Nov. 26th: He’ll go to the Jaars Center for a medical check up. The PNG clinic is now asking for a cardiac workup, before he arrives. He has an EKG scheduled. Pray that is all he needs. (Family history of heart disease)
  • Tuesday Nov. 27th: Jim and John Pepper putting the finishing touches on the pre-travel plan for PNG.
  • Wed Nov. 28th: He and John will depart from Charlotte for the 20 hour trip to Brisbane, Australia.
  • Friday Nov. 30: Fly to the PNG highlands. As you might remember Jim still helps with the JAARS Land Transportation department by doing training on 4X4 vehicles and motorcycles.  JAARS Inc does project fundraising to buy 4×4 vehicles and motorcycles for the national teams of translators and literacy specialists around the world. They take very seriously the responsibility to make sure everyone who will be operating these vehicles receives the safety training and vehicle maintenance training to ensure personal safety and longevity for the equipment.
  • Sunday Dec 16th: Leave PNG, night in Brisbane.
  • Monday Dec 17th: Leave Brisbane 7:30 am; going back in time, they arrive in Charlotte that afternoon!
  • Tues. Dec 18th: Judy flies into Charlotte, NC. (If she doesn’t get on a jury) We will be spending the Christmas season with our daughter and G-kids in Hickory, NC.
  • After Christmas our tentative plan (see prayer requests) will be to drive to Dallas and find a furnished place to live in until mid-March, 2019.  We want to visit many of the 100’s of churches in the area. Our desire is to introduce them to the great tool of scripture access through and how to use it to help those in their church or ministries who did not grow up speaking English.


  • Safety on all of Jim’s driving and flying trips
  • Safety during the training course in PNG
  • For confirmation of going to Dallas. James 4:15 Asking for His will and direction
  • Pray for the provision of a vehicle we can live and work out of for the next season of ministry with Scripture Earth Promotion.
  • For the provision of the Scripture Earth Promotion work budget for 2019. Would you consider a year-end donation to this? You can do it online at

Thanks again for this opportunity to serve with great joy!
Jim & Judy McCabe

Jim – 520 599-2470, Judy – 520 268-3681