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Treaty Of Fort Stanwix In America

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At fort Stanwix we agreed to deliver up those of our people, who should do you any wrong, that you might try them, and punish them according to your Law. Rabies County Vaccine.

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It stipulated that Plains Indians would stop inter-tribal fighting let white migrants and railroad surveyors travel safely through their lands allow the US government to build roads and army posts in their land and to pay compensation to the US government if their tribe members broke these rules.

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We are much concerned at the losses you have met with since our last Congress, and we sincerely condole with you upon the occasion for them all. Ratified treaty number 7 Treaty of Fort Stanwix or The Grant from the Six Nations to the King and Agreement of Boundary LineSix Nations Shawnee. ChainbreakerBlacksnake History Is Fun. Seven nations treaty.

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Treaty in america & People You Oughta Know in the Treaty Of Fort Stanwix In America