All is well…

It’s December 11th, already!

Our conference at ICOM in Kansas City, MO went really well! We’ll get an update out about that soon.  Our marriage retreat went well also. Thanks for praying. It was a good study and got us talking more deeply than normal. We already have a really good marriage, but it is wonderful to make a good marriage even better. We are thankful God gave us this opportunity.

After the retreat, we spent time with friends and supporters on our way to our daughter’s home and family in Hickory, NC. We spent Thanksgiving with them and our son Jordan who was able to leave Alaska soon after his fire fighting season. We were able to video call with our son Josh and his wife Ani in Beijing, China. They are four months pregnant with their first. It was a good season of Thanksgiving.

The Christmas tree was found and decorated. Our grandkids opened their gifts from us.


We took Jordan to the Charlotte airport for his flight to Tucson. He then went on to Kona, Hawaii. He started helicopter pilot training on Monday, Dec 9, in Kona. He is keeping his seasonal fire fighting job but will be doing flight training in the off seasons for a few years. He has been on the National Parks helicopter fire fighting crew for four years now and has caught the bug to be a pilot. We wish him success and endurance for the long haul. He’s going to have a blast!


Judy has a cold. 😦  The grandkids and their parents had colds while we were there. Jordan and I have escaped catching it. Pray they get well and the rest of us stay healthy.

Judy and I left Hickory on Thursday, Dec. 5 for Clarkston, just east of Atlanta, GA to meet with several refugee assistance organizations there. We were presenting the wonderful Scripture access tool, We had some very successful meetings and were blown away by this little town.  A popular magazine claimed this little town as the most ethnically diverse square mile of real estate in the United States. Over 50% of its residents were not born in the USA.


D is from Ethiopia. He came to the US as a refugee seven years ago. He was a lawyer there and is working on becoming a lawyer here. He just became a citizen of the USA and right after that, he ran for a city council position. He lost the election but is so excited about the freedoms here in the US after coming from a caste type system in Ethiopia. He was born another religion and is now a Christ-follower. He was excited to see the Scripture Earth tool and understood its value. We met two young men whom D leads in a Bible study. After finding the Bible in the language their parents speak, they immediately shared it with their parents.  We met them at The Refugee Coffee Company, a great example of an innovative idea for both helping refugees and funding refugee work.

20191206_145146-1Seven churches meeting in one church building.

We drove to Dallas, TX over the weekend and picked up our boss at the Dallas airport on Tuesday morning. This is the first time we’ve met her face to face. For nearly two years we have been meeting by phone and video calls. We have spent a busy two days in meetings already and will spend the rest of the week in meetings with her and some others from our Scripture Earth and Diaspora team. We will be reviewing what we have accomplished and what our next moves will be.

Our Facebook promotions team has been busy. The Scripture Earth Facebook site has had over 165,000 visits in the last 30 days.  A year ago, we were very excited about 25,000 visits a month. The posts placed on Facebook send visitors to the site. We are thankful for God making this happen. Thousands of people are getting access to God’s Word, the Bible, in the language and form they best understand.  Click here for a 2 min video clip in Russian that just went out. Click here to see a library available in Russian from Scripture Earth.

Our Prayer requests and travel schedule;

Dec 10-13: Team meetings in Dallas, TX; pray for successful meetings, good training, and team building. Pray that God opens the flood gates for Bible Access and engagement around the world.

Dec 14-15: A quick visit with Judy’s sister and her husband in Magnolia, TX.; we will be helping pass out gifts with the Christian Motorcycle Association to underprivileged kids.

Dec 16-17: Drive to Tucson, AZ; pray for a safe drive with our physical and spiritual eyes wide open for any surprises, adventures, and challenges God has for us.

Dec 23: Drive to Escondido, CA to be with Judy’s parents for Christmas; pray for safe travel and that we can be an encouragement. Her dad has some serious medical issues.

Dec 30-Jan 15: In San Diego, CA; pray for our meetings with outreach organizations, that God will be glorified in all we say and do and that people will connect with Jesus.

May all be well with you and yours as you celebrate our Savior, who made all things right with us through His coming and dying for our sins. Luke 2:11. Thanks for your prayers and partnership with us in 2019.

Jim McCabe
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Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019


Today through Thursday, Judy and I will be at a Missionary Retreat Center, Eden Ridge, going through a Real-Life Relationships workbook we received at the ICOM missions conference last week. As most of you know we have been traveling for a year promoting We love it, but being together 99.9% of the time has put some strain on our relationship as a couple. The foundation of love is still there, but it needed some “shoring up”. So, please pray for us as we go through the workbook. After 40 years of marriage, it was time!

A new building with a solid foundation. Marriage needs a solid foundation as well.

Jim McCabe
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Judy McCabe
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God chooses you!

sunset beach people sunrise
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God told me,

He chooses you… YOU!

He chose you, a long time ago.

He told me, He loves you… YOU!

He loves you, just the way you are, no changes required.

He misses your voice. He likes to hear you say, “Hi God”.

He chose you, knows you, loves you, and wants to hear your voice. I think that’s kinda cool.

The funeral went well…

Can death be joyful?

Thanks for praying for my Dads, “Celebration of Life” service, it went very well. All the right people showed up. Not a big crowd, maybe 30 people. It was a celebration! The stories I shared were mostly funny but informative as well. They got to know my dad,  Marvin a little better. It’s truly a joy to understand the gifts of Life and Death from God’s point of view. It’s so cool, that for a lover of God and follower of Jesus, death is just a temporary separation, nothing to fear, everything to rejoice in. The church where it was held was fantastic. Because my dad was a member of that church and had been attending there (whenever in town) for something like 75 years they gave us a great facility to use, all set up, a wonderful pastor to lead it, printed bulletins, music, video projection and capping it off a great meal for everyone who came. Central Community Church of Wichita is an excellent church.


A tribute to a good Dad.

Doctors said he needed to be put on Hospice. We did so and he probably got to within an hour or so of death, then perked up, asked for a drink and lived another 4 plus years.

The life and times of Marvin McCabe 
Born a twin in Wichita, Ks, Sept 7, 1919, to James O McCabe and Grace M Swanson. They were placed in a shoebox and kept near the wood stove hoping at least one would survive. His twin did not survive that day. Growing up in central Wichita, Marvin had an active and adventurous youth.  He also retold stories of visiting the countryside and staying at his aunts and uncles farms. He learned how to catch, kill, pluck and prep chickens for meals. One of these adventures included taking a live chicken to the barn rooftop, twisting its head off and seeing if chickens could still fly headless. After they worked hard in the fields, he and his cousins would cool off in the horse water tanks at the end of the day.
When Marvin was a young teen one of his uncles introduced him to the president of Friends University. The president was impressed with him and encouraging him to study hard and one day he could attend Friends University. Marvin being the resourceful young man he was, asked his new friend for a loan to help him start a paper route so he could save for college. The president took him up on it and gave him a loan.
Impetuous as teens can be, Marvin had collected enough money to buy an old junker car. For some reason, he decided he could get a better deal on a car down south. So he and a friend hopped a freight train down to Texas. He found an old car that ran, bought it and attempted to drive it back to Kansas. They didn’t make it all the way back to Wichita. The car broke down; they abandon it on the side of the road and hitchhiked back to Wichita.
One day in high school he wanted to see a football game but didn’t want to pay admission, so he and a friend climbed a rain gutter to the top of the announcer booth. By his recollection, it was three stories high. Once on top of the booth, a security guard saw them, yelled and they both shimmied down the rain gutter as fast as they could.
His father, whose main trade was a carpenter, sometimes drove an old Indian Motorcycle with a sidecar in the shape of a medicine bottle. At times Marvin rode with his father as he delivered prescriptions to pharmacy customers.
Near the end of high school, Marvin met his first wife Ruth M Nibarger. They fell in love and married young. Shortly after marriage, they decided to move to California. They didn’t have enough money for both of them to take the bus, so after Marvin put Ruth on a bus, he hopped another freight train; being very careful to avoid the train security people. They worked odd jobs along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. At one point after WWII had started Marvin felt the call of duty to go to war. He wanted to enlist from his home town. So they traveled back to Wichita where Marvin enlisted in the Navy. He was sent to Boston and Ruth followed shortly thereafter where she got a job in the shipyards. Marvin learned the trades of sheet metal and boilermaker. He was assigned to a Navy Repair ship and spent most of his time in the Pacific. When the war ended he was released in San Francisco where Ruth met him.
After he finished his service, they moved to Redondo Beach, CA. There he held two jobs mostly in the aviation industry doing sheet metal. In 1951 he built a two-bedroom house in Torrance, CA. Up to this point they had not been able to get pregnant, so they adopted a little girl, Grace. After that, in 1953 Timothy Edward (Michael) was born followed two years later, in 1955 by their youngest, James LeRoy. 
About 1960 the two-bedroom home he had built was getting a little small, so he added a master bedroom and another full bath. He had also settled into a good job with a TRW spacecraft company where he built sheet metal components for all kinds of spacecraft. The one I remember best is the Pioneer and Voyager programs. It was a series of unmanned space missions that were designed for planetary exploration. There were a number of such missions in the program, but the most notable were Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, which explored the outer planets and left the solar system. Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 carry a golden plaque, depicting a man and a woman and information about the origin and the creators of the probes, should any extraterrestrials find them someday. About two years ago Pioneer 10 became the first man-made object that has ever exited our solar system and Marvin had a part in it.
Some of my (Jim’s) earliest family memories were of camping trips. We went to the mountains, deserts, beaches and lots of state and national parks. We sometimes camped on our trips to and from Wichita. But that was often in truck stops and parking lots. I was the youngest and my dad and I did a lot of things together. He taught me bicycling, skateboarding, fishing, hiking and backpacking. He provided training for me to learn rock climbing, mountaineering, surfing, and automotive mechanics. He helped me get equipped for off-road motorcycling, he taught me how to drive and we went 4X4 exploring together. I learned the enjoyment of hard work and the satisfaction of a job well done from him. He provided me with electric appliances and mechanical equipment to take apart and try to figure out how they worked. Our family car, a 1964 Ford Galaxy wasn’t running as well, so he let me attempt to do a top-end overhaul at the age of 14. (It didn’t work out, but he was proud I tried.) He encouraged me to try many adventurous things. 

Some of his sayings at the time were, “Its better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick”, or “Its better than a kick in the face with a frozen boot”, “We’re off like a herd of turtles”, “Clear as mud”, Then there was something about a one-legged duck and a one-armed paper hanger.  Marvin was proud of his Scottish heritage. He was extremely conservative about matters involving his money. Often leading others to believe he didn’t have any or was perhaps overly thrifty.

When I was in my teens, he made a decision to trust Jesus as his Savior. When I was 18 years old, freshly graduated from high school and they were 55, they decided to sell the California home and move back to Kansas. At that time I couldn’t leave my beloved ocean and surfing, so they moved back without any kids. They bought 25 acres of undeveloped land near Longton, KS. On and off over the next few years, my brother and I helped them make it livable. It was 1974 when they moved to Kansas and 1983 when my mom Ruth died on the farm of a heart attack.

Marvin was heartbroken and for about a year and just kept busy. Slowly lady friends started to come back into his life and a few years later a special lady whom he was extra interested in was just ignoring him.  This made him try even harder to get her approval. Eventually, he won her heart and Wilma Fisk fell in love with him. They were married on April 11, 1988. They decided to sell the farm in 1994 and moved into Wilma’s Wichita home on Maple Street.

They traveled liberally in Kansas and made a few trips to California and North Carolina. Marvin really enjoyed getting into his car at least twice a day, often more. He’d go get the newspaper, get a car wash, and get some coffee, whatever excuse that came to mind. Wilma enjoyed some of these trips. He walked a lot, ate well and took shoeboxes full of vitamins and supplements. He was generally a very healthy man, often telling me he had never experienced a headache.
In 1999 Wilma slipped on some ice, broke her ankle, hit her head and permanently lost her equilibrium. Marvin became her full-time caregiver. It was a tough time for them both. They adapted as they always do and life carried on. Their travel slowly became less and less and one day in May 2015 invincible Marvin, met his match at a stop sign (which he didn’t see) and their car was T-boned. His car was totaled; both he and Wilma were badly bruised, but no bones were broken. In the nine months following he slowly lost his health until the Doctors said he needed to be put on Hospice. We did so and he probably got to within an hour or so of death, then perked up, asked for a drink and lived another 4 plus years.
He finally got to go home to heaven on November 6th, 2019. He is survived by his two sons Michael and Jim, Jim’s wife Judy, 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

First Day in Heaven by Kerolos Safwat

McCabe Prayer Request – Oct 23, 2019

We are at the Refugee Highway Roundtable Conference in Toronto, Canada. We are networking with a lot of people who work with or want to work with refugees. We are presenting the valuable tool  It is having excellent results. People are getting excited at the prospect of giving the gift of God’s Word, the Bible to people who desperately need it, in their heart language or the language they understand best. These are long days for us, pray for our strength, endurance, (sore feet) and that we communicate well. People are accessing God’s Word!

Did You Know?

Refugee ref·u·gee /ˌrefyo͝oˈjē/  a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Immigrant /ˈiməɡrənt/  – a person who has settled permanently in another country. Immigrants choose to move, whereas refugees are forced to flee.

Image result for Refugee    Image result for refugees

There are documented refugees who wait in camps on average 10.3 years. Some just a few months and some as long as 55 years.

There are the undocumented refugees who may be en route for years and finally in desperation slip into a country without any official status.

There are asylum seekers who cross international borders without proper documentation but in fear for their lives and plead with the new country to let them stay.
Until a determination is made, it is impossible to say, whether the asylum-seeker is a refugee or not.

Many different terms are used to describe refugees and immigrants, some with particular legal meanings, some with offensive associations. Using terms properly is an important way of treating people with respect and advancing an informed debate on the issues.

While we are doing definitions here’s one more. Diaspora [dī-ˈa-sp(ə-)rə] when written with a capital “D” refers to the Jewish nation that was forced to scatter around the world. But when diaspora is written with a small “d” it refers to any people who identify with a “homeland” but live outside of it, regardless of the reason.

Thanks for praying for us, the people and ministeries we are talking with and the refugees we all want to help.

Jim McCabe
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Leaving Wednesday, Oct 16th…

We’ll be taking a car, not a mule. 

As you know we travel a lot promoting the website Below is an updated travel schedule. Pray for us as you think of us:

*That God provides the RV setup He has planned for us, sooner than later.    *Health,    *Stamina,    *That we follow Gods leading,     *That we trust God for all our provisions,    *Our kid’s spiritual growth in God,      *Our newest grandchild to be – Josh and Ani’s first,      *All our transportation works out properly,     *That we get more scheduled events and meetings,    (Contact us if you’d like us to visit someone)  *That we get some video and audio clips made soon,       Thanks for praying!

Next trips: 
Oct 16-22: Drive out to San Diego area, Our 1st sending church campout, Then Judy’s dad’s 89th  Birthday Party, and always Scripture Earth promotion work with organizations in San Diego.
Oct 22-26:  Fly to Toronto, Canada for Refugee Highway Roundtable Conference 
Oct 27- Nov 2: Return and continue scripture Earth promotion work with churches and organizations in San Diego.

Nov 3 – 10: Be home in Tucson
Nov 11- Mid Dec: On the road, Albuquerque, Wichita, attend Conference in Kansas City, MO. International Conference on Missions.   St Louis, Metropolis, Hickory, Atlanta, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, etc. (Exact details still being planned.)

Thanks for your partnership, prayers and financial involvement. If you’d like to assist with our travel expenses, click here to go to a Wycliffe account we get assistance from.

Jim McCabe
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