Travel plans to deviate from…


As you know we travel a lot promoting the website Below is a current travel schedule. Pray for us as you think of us:

*Health,    *Stamina,    *That we follow Gods leading,     *That we trust God for all our provisions,    *Our kid’s growth in God,      *Our newest grandchild to be – Josh and Ani’s first,      *All our transportation works out properly,     *That we get more scheduled events and meetings,     *That we get a video and audio clip made,    *That God provides the RV setup He has planned for us, sooner than later.   Thanks for praying!

Next trips: 
Oct 16-22: Drive out to San Diego area, Our 1st sending church campout, Then Judy’s dad’s 89th  Birthday Party, and always Scripture Earth promotion work with organizations in San Diego.
Oct 22-26:  Fly to Toronto, Canada for Refugee Highway Roundtable Conference 
Oct 27- Nov 3: Return and continue scripture Earth promotion work with churches and organizations in San Diego.
Nov 13- 16: Jim. Flys to and attend Conference in Kansas City, MO. International Conference on Missions.  (Exact details still being planned.)

Thanks for your partnership,

Jim McCabe
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Judy McCabe
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Looking for a visit?

winding road photography
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We will be “On the Road Again” from Sept 4 – 20.  We are heading east from Tucson, AZ Sept 4 and will be in and around Wichita, KS, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and parts west until we return to Tucson Sept 20. We’d love to visit with you and show you the remarkable website We are wanting to show this amazing website to Churches, Christian Schools, Native American Communities, Refugee Assistance Organizations, Individuals and Christian Media.

So, what is I’m glad you asked…

  1. What it is? is the easiest and most complete website for accessing the Bible and Scripture resources in thousands of languages. Through text, audio, video, and sign, Scripture Earth provides access to Scripture resources from the best Bible translation and Scripture distribution organizations, such as YouVersion, Wycliffe, CRU, Faith Comes by Hearing/Hosanna, SIL and many more. The site works with dozens of organizations to provide Bible access to the languages of the world from a single internet website.
  1. Why it is important? Many people have moved from their home countries, some freely and others by force, requiring a change to a new language. For most their first language is a significant part of their identity. It is the language that speaks to their heart’s deepest questions about life and God. 20% of the U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home; about 65 million people. The USA is now the 3rd largest country of “Unreached People Groups”. can be a bridge to restoration, hope, and access to God’s Word and knowing Jesus in a language and form they clearly understand.
  1. How to use it? Giving access to God’s Word will happen as each of us promote to our churches and contacts.
    1. We all can bookmark it on our smartphones, place the website on our email, Facebook, blog posts, Twitter, and our personal and organizational publications. Please like the pages you open on Scripture Earth and share with others. I think God made the internet to provide Scripture Access to the world. 
    2. In your church: Ask your leadership to place the website address on a Sunday morning information slide or bulletin each Sunday. Then each Sunday make a ten-second announcement, something like, “If you grew up speaking a language other than English, go to and hopefully you will find a Bible or Scripture resources in your language.”
    3. In Your Community: Start a conversation. An example: The man behind the counter had an African accent. I commented that I had worked in Africa and asked what country he was from. He said Zambia. I showed him the website on my phone and I entered Zambia under country. When the languages came up, I asked which of the 35 languages he spoke. With a big smile, he showed me his language. I clicked it and showed him all the Bible and other resources available. He was visibly excited! I handed him a ScriptureEarth card. He was very appreciative and said he would look at it later. Because it is “His” language, he will pass it on to family and friends back home.
    4. This tool works even without us. Most migrants and refugees today are well connected to the internet. They stay connected to their home county via the internet and social media. It’s just natural for them to share this exciting internet resource that is home to their language. Even if they are not in a relationship with Jesus they will read, listen, and watch the videos, simply because it’s in their language.   Someone honored their language                                     

The Goal: To inform the world about this resource starting with North America. We are promoting this site to Churches, Christian schools, universities, Native American Communities, Refugee ministries, and Christian media. Together we can provide Scripture access to the world!

Let me know if you have time to visit or have an idea of who we could visit…

Jim McCabe
520 599-2470,
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681,
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An unexpected occurrence

What is that blinking oblong circle across my vision? I blinked but it didn’t go away. I looked at my hand and it was covering it, but I could see through it. It had a saw-toothed edge that blinked bright rainbow colors. I covered my right eye and then my left and it was still there. It felt like it was in my eye not something on the surface. Jim and I were sitting in our truck near a lake looking at places to stay after this lake. I laid the seat back and closed my eyes. It was still there but the size of the oblong circle had grown, and it was beginning to fade. By 15 minutes it was gone. It looked like a combination of these images.

ocular-migraine-678x450 (2)ocular-migraine-3-330x220

We went back to the RV and I made lunch. I felt a little bit nauseous, tired, and a slight headache in the back of my head and forehead. As we finished lunch, I saw it again while looking at the floor. It wasn’t as bright but in the same place, the left lower quadrant of my vision and lasted 13 minutes. We prayed, Lord should we go to the ER? Is this serious? Is this the onset of a stroke or a seizure?  I’d never had this happen.

We decided to go. The hospital in Martinsville was about 30 minutes away down the windy country roads. My anxiety was high, but I still felt a peace that God was in control.

When things are out of my control they are in God’s control. 

I explained my symptoms to the triage nurse, she tagged me and led me into the ER area and room 18. A nurse came in and asked the same questions which I answered, then the ER doctor followed. He did some tests to determine if I’d had a stroke. Squeeze my fingers, touch my nose, lift your arm, follow my finger, etc. He left and I heard over the loudspeaker, “We have a possible stroke in room 18”. That’s me! Oh, no!  Immediately several nurses entered the room. They moved at lightning speed. One put in an IV and took blood, and gave me IV fluids. Then another person did an EKG, CT scan and chest x-ray. They wanted to do an MRI but they don’t work on Saturdays.

All the tests came back negative for stroke, thank you Jesus, but the doctor wanted me to stay the night for observations and do the MRI on Sunday. So, I was admitted, and God blessed me with not one but two Christian nurse/PA’s. Their care was paramount to my feeling peaceful through this incident. In fact, the PA ended up having a mutual friend in Wycliffe whom we had a part in recruiting to work in Cameroon. What a blessing!

Sunday morning the PA apologized and said they didn’t have someone to do the MRI so I’d have to return on Monday, so they released me. We returned Monday to find out we’d have to wait for approval from our insurance since this was for outpatient, not ER. We went to brunch and while arriving I had another occurrence. The doctors made it clear I needed to come back to the ER if it happened again. So back we went. At least this time most of the tests had been done except another blood test and the MRI. I think the attending ER doctor was embarrassed we had to return so he was making sure I got all the necessary tests done before going home this time.

I don’t know if you like MRI machines, but I don’t. I have tendonitis in my ears so all that banging, beeping, clunking is very annoying, and the tightness makes me very anxious. Thankfully they give you a choice of music and they put on the local Christian station. The first song was one that I really like and identify with. It’s about letting go of control and just being at rest in Him. That so encouraged me and helped me keep my eyes on Him even when I didn’t think I could take another minute of it.

“Everything came back negative;  no stroke, no aneurysm, no clot, and no tumor.” Wow… what a relief! We asked if it was an ocular or visual migraine since others had suggested it and he couldn’t say for sure, just that I should follow up with a neurologist in Tucson.  My brother in law sent us an article with pictures (above) about migraines.  I’ll see the neurologist Aug 14. The ER Doc prescribed a couple drugs to help if I have the symptoms again. But I’ll be cautious using them as the side-effects from what they gave me in the ER made me really sleepy but I couldn’t rest cuz I had restless body syndrome.

What have I learned from this? When things are out of my control they are in God’s control.  I’m a “why” person. Why did this happen?  I have done lots of reflecting.  I think probably I wasn’t dealing well with some hurtful thing that happened last month to us. I couldn’t control that and my default is to try harder to control my life, people, circumstances around me. It was not working!!! I was exhausted and probably exhausting my poor hubby too. Then add living on the road and not sure where to go next.  My emotions were frazzled.  This “occurrence” gave me the time to reflect, rest more, and begin to let go of the things I can’t control. To place my trust in my Father who does have my life in His hands. I am so happy to have a loving Father who knows what we need to help us back to a better place of trust and rest in Him.

Seems wise to head home and regroup without the stresses of living on the road. The Lord worked out the details to get the RV back to the owners. A wonderful friend is blessing me with a ticket to fly home from Charlotte and Jim will drive our truck back, stopping to see his dad in Wichita for Father’s Day. Only our Lord could orchestrate all this to work out. We are so thankful!

Joni and Friends 3rd Promotion of

Dear Partners,

Just two weeks ago we shared in our blog about the 2nd radio devotion on Joni and Friends about Just this week she did another one and its amazing! Click the link to hear it.

Thanks to her sharing, thousands more are hearing about this website and how they can use it.

One of our desires is to see the website promoted by people who have large audiences around the world, like Joni has done. God opened this door with Joni, will you pray He opens more doors?

Praise and Prayer

  • A great praise we want to share is that our friend Arval, whom you have prayed for, improved so much over the past month that he was able to return to his home and wife Sat. May 18. Praise that the only tube in him now is the feeding one. Pray his swallowing improves so he can get that out too.
  • Please keep praying for our friend Mike, with the RV, who is doing chemo for prostate cancer. The chemo is working so praise God
  • We had news this week that the church in Tucson isn’t going to use our house as the parsonage.
  • Please pray for Gods clear direction for our next steps.



May 12 Praise & Prayer Requests

James 5:16b New International Version (NIV)

16 b The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Remember that you are righteous because of what Jesus did, not because of what you do! I am counting on you righteous people to have some powerful and effective prayers on our behalf and for those waiting to hear about Him through His Word in their language!

Look at what God has done because of your prayers in the last two weeks!

  • Pray for our meeting with the new Wycliffe president on the 6th of May. Pray that he catches the vision for the significance of Scripture Earth.
    • Answer: I had a GREAT meeting with the new Wycliffe president.
  • Pray God leads us to our next work location after Orlando, we’ll be finished here mid-May.  Lots of options right now.
    • Answer: We are now scheduled to be back in Tucson June 7th.
    • Prayer: Need direction for the next location after June.
  • Pray for wisdom: Because we are on the road full time, Jim is thinking we should sell our home.
    • Answer: Do not sell the home.
  • Pray about the possibility of renting our home. If that is God’s leading, we would need a reasonably priced property manager.
    • Answer: It looks like we may have our home rented to a Tucson Lutheran church to use for a parsonage. This would be a year contract starting the end of June!
    • Pray this will happen!
  • In light to the above answer to prayer, an RV would be a good thing to have as we travel nationwide promoting 
    • Prayer: Ask God to provide just the right RV before the end of June!
  • Pray for wisdom – should we go to an event in Charlottesville, VA, June 12-14, called Cosim.
    • Answer, NO
  • Pray God leads more people to partner with the Scripture Earth Promotion Project
    • Answer: Praise for additional funding that came in the last two weeks.
    • Pray for that to continue.
  • Judys Achilles tendon on her left foot is swollen and very sore.
    • Answer: She has seen an ankle doctor. She needs to ice, stretch and rest.
    • Pray for complete healing!
  • Pray for grace and patience while we live and work so closely these days.
  • Praise: God has given us many awesome opportunities to share the scripture resources on with people and churches in Florida. Many are catching the vision and sharing it with others.
    • Pray that God would provide more people to help us in this vision of promoting
  • Pray: For Mike as he continues cancer treatments
  • Praise: Arval regaining more mobility and the possibly returning home soon.
  • Thanks for praying, we couldn’t do this without you!!!!
Jim McCabe
520 599-2470,
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681,
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