The Journey Continues, days 11-20…

The last post was reflective in nature. Good reflections which we hope inspired you to take another look at God and His design of creation, us, and the one we celebrate not only at Christmas but all year, Jesus.

This one will be more pictorial and recount the events since the New Year began. Our youngest, Jordan and his girlfriend Sara came to join us at Jody and Caleb’s home in Hickory, NC. Violette, our 7-year-old granddaughter painted a lovely picture of her mom, herself and Gigi, me, Judy (I’m writing this blog). Since the temps were so cold we did lots of indoor activities like painting, playing “Go Fish” and Monopoly.  We were amazed at the grandkids playing over 2 hours with us. Then we went to the science museum in Hickory and it was a blast as they showed us all their favorite parts.

Run your cursor over the pictures for captions

New Year’s Eve, we drove Jordan and Sara to the airport in Charlotte for their flight back to Arizona. Pulled in the RV park at JAARS and hooked up to electric. Yeah, heat! That night was cold, 7 degrees. We attended the center meeting at 8. It was wonderful to meet up with so many we had worked with or known when we worked here and around the world. After the meeting, the organizer asked if we could share the following week about That worked for us.

7-degree morning JAARS

Thursday, the 4th, we had planned to drive up to Roanoke and then to DC, but some winter storm named Grayson had us delay a day. That meant another day with the grandkids, yeah! We decided not to take the RV so left it at the kids in Hickory and rented a little economy car. When we got to the rental agency they were all out of economy ones so we got a free upgrade. We like upgrades.img_20180105_094653-e1515631202626.jpg



We drove up I 95 and saw snow as we got further east.

We spent the weekend with a ministry partner, Ranetta and her husband Mike. We hadn’t seen her since 2002. She was single then and volunteered at a music festival in Ohio where we had a JAARS helicopter and a booth.  Saturday she got tickets for the Museum of the Bible. That is an amazing museum. A must see if you are in DC. 6 floors and we only finished the 4th which was about the history of the Bible. So we have to go back sometime to do the rest.

Sunday we attended their warm and alive pentecostal church. Very uplifting and encouraging. They even gave us a few minutes at the end to share about scripture earth.  Many took cards to pass on to people they knew.  After lunch, coming out the door at the Bojangles, a nice man opened the door and asked how my meal was. I said good and asked if he owned the business. He did. Because of his accent, I asked if he was originally from another country. He said the country and I said I knew a website that housed reading and audio materials in many of the languages of the world. I gave him a Scripture Earth card and he thanked me. I had to leave as my ride was waiting. God opportunities. 20180107_135219






After lunch, we programmed our GPS with the next destination. About 15 minutes from our destination we called our friends.  As we told him where we were, he said I think you are still 3 hours away. We then realized we did an input mistake on the GPS. Yes, we really were still 3 hours away.  They are so sweet, instead of dinner at 5, we had a fashionably late dinner at 8:30. Then stayed up till almost midnight talking. Gracious friends are wonderful!


The scenic detour we took in northern Virgina was very beautiful. The stone walls had probably been there since well before Civil War days. We stopped at one historic marker that noted the battle of Snicker Hill where they listed by name and rank, all 198 people who died in that battle. We were traveling on the Snicker Turnpike.




Next morning, we went to IMG_20180108_094626Summit Helicopters in Salem, VA. where a couple of friends worked. The whole company was in recurrency training meetings, but a lovely receptionist who had worked there since forever was happy to give us a tour. Helicopters are wonderful machines. We met one of our two friends, the other had already returned to Tucson, AZ.


Stopped by Jody’s to pick up the RV and headed to JAARS. Jim spoke Tuesday morning about Scripture Earth. He is the little speck behind the podium. The audience left inspired and encouraged to start making better use of the business cards with the web address on them.

It finally warmed up to 65 degrees and20180110_141052 Jim decided to wash the McBus. It has been a faithful travel machine. We have learned that for living in an RV full time, this size is not ideal for us. We need a regular bed we can both fit in and we don’t have to put away each morning. Picky, picky aren’t we. It has been and still is a wonderful test vehicle for us to learn about living on the road. We have met several people who are full-time RVers and still love it.

Keep praying for our Wycliffe Ministry Budget fundraising adventures. We still need many new monthly donors before we can begin full time in our new roles promoting  Scripture Earth.

75 years of Bible translation is now available on a single website…     This website was developed by SIL Translator, Bill Dyck who’s office is now at the JAARS Center. He is assisted by Frank Doejaaren and Mary Mclendon also at JAARS and by Loren Hawthorn and Scott Starker from the Mexico Branch. (Plus a cast of many more) There are currently 2300+ languages on the site with more being added as they become available. Its an extremely simple site to use. Its FREE, there is nothing to download, subscribe to or register. Simply open the website, then you will see most of the countries of the world, click on the country you want, all the languages spoken are listed, then click on the exact language and up comes all the Bible portions, study aids, bible audio, video available in that language. 

Judy and I  now have a Wycliffe assignment to make this website know in North America. We are starting at JAARS, then heading down to Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando, FL. We will be contacting, churches, outreach pastors, refugee aid and resettlement organizations. Schools, colleges, Universities, any place International students might be. Mission organizations, field training organizations, anyone who might be going overseas. Currently, we are on Partnership Discovery through the midwest, southeast, gulf coast through mid-California. We need to get our new ministry budge up to 100% before we can officially begin this new job. Click here to see how you can help. 

Now is the time for getting this website information distributed. We, the ones reading this blog are the ones to help make it happen. Ask me and I’ll mail you some cards with the Scripture Earth web address and you can pass them out to church outreach leaders, local refuge aid organizations, friends, neighbors and everyone who is not a native English speaker. To give someone access to the scripture in their heart language is the end result of everything we in Wycliffe, JAARS, SIL and the Church have been working for these past decades. It’s like giving a glass of cold water to a stranger in need on a hot day.

PowerPoint Presentation;!AjHu2DJqvibe4EXtS-KaI1YTtm8g

Jim McCabe
520 599-2470, 
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681,   (Our new Wycliffe ministry)

The between times…

The existence of God…

Often the time between Christmas and New Years is a time of quiet reflection or mad chaotic gift exchange at the store. Fortunately for us, it’s leaning towards the quieter side. We are with our grand-kids and their parents and our youngest son and his girlfriend. No gifts to exchange, we loved them all.


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.” So say the elves in “Elf”. We hope you had great times of singing this Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season, so the angels sang some 2,000 years ago, to the humble shepherds. He is the One we sing about, sing for and worship.  He is God of all that is. He has forever existed before time, matter and space. He is the intelligent designer who made us. There is no greater calling or action available to us than to love Him and be loved by Him.

I saw a video clip the other day about two men in some sort of university debate. A professor asking a Christian apologist to prove the existence of God. The apologist simply said God exists outside of time, space or matter. At His own bidding, He created all three at the same time. For in our current human existence one cannot exist without the other two. Our human thinking and reasoning abilities are not capable of understanding life outside of time, space and matter. So we are limited in our ability to truly understand God in His fullness. But we can see His existence in life all around us.

Image result for photo child's book C S Lewis
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Look at a simple children’s book.  Cardboard cover, paper edges that don’t cut delicate skin, colorful drawings or pictures and simple text that combine to communicate a basic story.  Could this book have formed by accident? Just fallen from the sky after a lightning bolt? No, a reasonable person would not believe that. A simple book like this would require someone with knowledge and experience to make it. Then look at DNA; 23 pairs of chromosomes so complicated and unique that there isn’t a single strand out of billions and billions that are exactly identical. It has taken mankind thousands of years to develop the supercomputers and microscopes needed in order to begin to understand the complexity of DNA. Yet some believe that DNA just happened by accident, with materials colliding in outer space or an explosion of some sort.  Life, created from nothing. No, a reasonable person would not believe that. Just like the children’s book, there is an intelligent designer who created DNA. Most of the world call Him God.

This is who we worship at Christmas. Jesus / God coming to mankind as a human to show us that He has experienced human life and does understand us.

We who love God and try to follow the teachings of Jesus feel that every person on earth should have the opportunity of a relationship with God. Thus, the desire for Bible translation in all the languages of the world. Much of Wycliffe’s work for the last 75 years is being linked to to give the people of earth the opportunity to know God, in their individual heart languages. If you could “Like and Share” this article, or this blog, it might help spread the word about

People, People, Everywhere, Day 5 -10

We are so glad to have them in our lives. Friends, family and Team Members. While in Wichita we stopped by Central Community Church to try and speak with the outreach pastor.  He couldn’t see us, but his administrative assistant came to see us. Turns out she was a Wycliffe translator for ten years in the Philipines in the 80’s. Of everyone in the church she was the best person, we could have spoken with. Gods appointments already made for us. She was excited to see  She will be sure to get the information to the right people.

Later in the day, we were shopping at “Toys R Us” and we were helped by an employee from Uganda, Africa. We showed him the ScriptureEarth site on our Smartphone and he was enthralled. His mother tongue language right there on our smartphone. We gave him one of our Scripture Earth cards so he could find it again.

This ScriptureEarth tool is a worker even without us. Most migrants and refugees today are well connected on the internet. They can stay connected with family back home via the internet. Its just natural for them to share this exciting internet spot that is home to their language. Even if they are not in a relationship with Jesus. They will read, listen and watch the videos, simply because it’s in their language.

When we left Wichita we went 450 miles to a free campground called Pinewoods lake in Elleinore, Missouri. We arrived after dark. It was empty, no one there. They were nice paved sites with tables, lamp stands, and fire rings. It was right next to a small lake with boat ramp access.  I was thinking the only explanation for this must be a Zombie apocalypse having passed through here earlier. It was a good nights sleep, nothing exciting happened.

The following day we drove another 450 miles to a friends home in Friendsville, Tennessee. They also live on a lake but, in a very nice house. Its always good to re-connect with old friends. Then Friday we drove to our daughter Jody’s home in Hickory, NC. THE GRAND-KIDS home. It was a fun reunion. Saturday and Sunday we helped out around the house getting things ready for Christmas. Judy and I did the traditional Christmas eve last minute shopping and it was fun. The poor people we saw though, they looked exhausted.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  God is always good!


Cross Roads and Sunrise, Day 3&4

During the night it rained. It was lovely to hear on the tin roof.  We went to church at Cross Roads in Wichita where pastor Brad was preaching. They are a wonderful bunch of encouraging people who love Jesus and have a good outreach program. We were able to speak to several people about  People we share it with can see how unique and valuable this website is. Image result for medicalodges image

Then we went to my Dad’s home at Medicalodge. He was napping in his chair but snapped awake when I said “Hi”. He is doing wonderfully for a 98-year-old. Still a sharp mind except for that pesky memory part. He’s in a wheelchair full time now and transferring into the car is a problem for my back. We went out to Hog Wild BBQ for lunch, then a drive to Wichita State University, WSU. It really doesn’t matter where we go he just loves getting out.  He had a Christmas party to get to at 3:00 so that meant we got to go back to my cousin’s for a much-needed nap.

We ate dinner at my cousin Jackie’s home and she invited us to spend the night, or next three, which we accepted. We are “spur of the moment people”, and normally love surprise engagements. I knew I’d miss the Walmart parking lot, but, sacrifices must be made at times.  (That’s a joke son)

Day 4: Monday morning my cousin Cindy picked us up at 8:00 AM to go see the administrator of Sunrise Christian Academy. Her son attends there. We had a wonderful time speaking with Dr. Bob Lindsted, about our work with scripture access. They have a lot of international students. I was surprised to find they have over 20 schools in several different countries with thousands of students. The new website, will be well used by many international students around the world. Thanks Cindy for advocating with us to get scripture access for more in their language.

Then it was off to Wellness One and doctor Jayme Gawith, DC for a Chiropractic adjustment for Judy.  All the stress of the past few weeks and the long drive in the RV had caught up with her. After lunch, we went to Toys R Us to find the Christmas present we wanted for the grandkids. A Ugandan man helped us and we showed him the ScriptureEarth website. He was so excited and said he’d look it up on his lunch break.

I took Judy to Jackie’s for a nap and I spent the afternoon with my dad. When he saw me, he tapped on his watch and said: “Late morning huh?”  To me, it was good to know he remembered what we said yesterday. I found his hearing aids inoperative, so we went off to try and get them serviced. Mondays are not a good day for getting hearings aids serviced.  So we drove out to Afton lake, one of his favorites and he enjoyed the drive.

Jackie, being the hostess with the mostess,  invited some family over for her famous pumpkin cake. It’s been years since we’ve seen some of the second cousins.  There were 12 of us. One, my cousin Marci, has done extensive family ancestry in multiple directions. Some going back 600 years. Some of us are distantly related to the Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii. One family member died at a public gathering in his honor when the floor gave out. Something involving horses. One of my cousins was adopted for $25, the rated started at $75 and was negotiated down to $25.  It was an excellent day.



Name That RV!… Day 2

On our 2nd day on the road… we left Albuquerque heading east on I-40. I found the one Christmas decoration we had brought with us. Battery lit Christmas trees. Are we festive or what?

174 miles to Tucumcari. No, we didn’t stay there, but it’s the crossroads for I-40 and Hwy 54 and the old Route 66. A classic western town if there ever was one.


Image result for Photos tucumcarie new mexico

It appears to be a nearly dead town. But appearances can be deceiving. We stopped at a local Ice Cream/sandwich shop. Ken’s Ice Cream. Judy, the shy quiet one, made friends with just about everyone in the shop and found out to her surprise, that real estate is an active market there. The town had won a prestigious national award for being the smallest big town with the most trees per capita. It was a proud moment.

Image result for ken's ice cream tucumcari

Its a town with many charms and a couple of gas stations.


Then another 95 miles to the epicenter of northern Texas, Dalhart. One of the biggest little cow towns in northern Texas. It’s really a cute town, full of history and artifacts.

Image result for Photos Dalhart Texas

Watch out for the tall guy, he’s got a bad attitude.

Image result for Photos Dalhart Texas

113 miles to Liberal, KS, home of Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ. Judy really wanted to go visit this place, but, I found this picture instead. Saved me three blocks of driving.

Image may contain: tree, plant, house, flower, sky and outdoor

Then the final leg of 212 miles to Wichita, KS or Goddard, Medicalodge, where my dad, Marvin is living. We got in somewhat late, but our reservations with Walmart were OK. We got our space in the parking lot and had another restful nights sleep.

But, on to another important topic for this story. The naming of the RV.  The first name suggestion came in… and its “McCabus” a delightful choice. The second choice was close, “McBus” But, we’d like at least two more suggestions if possible.




On the Road Again… Day 1


Judy and I have sung that song sooooo many times in our life together. It has been wonderful.  We are very fortunate people. Thursday night the house was almost ready for the renters, the RV was almost ready for us to leave, but we were way past exhausted so went out for a quick bite at Chuy’s Mexican Grill. Judy was wearing her “Our Neighborhood” t-shirt from a volunteer event our church, Casas Church. At this high-class joint, one places one’s order at the bar. After we ordered, a man at the bar commented on her shirt and said he also attended Casas and was at that event. My semi-extraverted wife started up a conversation with him and ended up telling him all about I think this is what will happen many times on our travels. I digressed a bit.

Dearly beloved, we have departed. Well, sort of. After what seemed like 14 stops to get out of Tucson, we finally made it to Dragoons. Is that a great name for a pile of rocks or what! Google it. IMG_20171215_141647The weeks of preparing to get on the road caught up with us. An hour out of Tucson I, Jim, had to have a nap. So we stopped at the I-10 Dragoons Rest Stop for 30  minutes. Poisonous snakes and insects live here too. Yes, this is the desert of the Southwest. Just remember, they are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Nearing Deming we started seeing signs advertising a pizza place. “Forghedaboudit Pizza”     But, we couldn’t find it!!!!      Well, it might sound better if I say my GPS couldn’t find it.  I think this is called overly technology dependent.  Now looking on their website, I wanna go back.

Best  Pizza in the Southwest               

International Pizza Expo 2017

115 North Silver Avenue
Deming, New Mexico 88030

Deming, NM / Since 2012

We settled for Dominos, then took the two-lane shortcut via Hatch to the I-25 north of Albuquerque.  Our lodging preference for the evening was to be the Walmart Super Center parking lot. Although we have not yet done this, we were told by a reliable source that the proper social protocol for using Walmart lodging services is to go in the store and ask the manager if its OK to spend the night in their parking lot.  We did and he said yes, but we found out they were not a 24 hour Walmart so there would not be around the clock parking lot security. As soon as we got back to the RV a homeless couple came up and asked for some cash to try and find a warm place to stay. Wow!, What a way to make one feel bad. It was 30 degrees out. A quick prayer, should we invite them in to spend the night? (Did I really wait for God to answer?) No, give’em some cash. Then it’s off to the 24 hour Walmart across town. But on the way, we found a book in the back of the RV about Free RV camping at Casinos. Well, there was one nearby, Sandia Resort and Casino, so we went to check it out. It was huge! The parking lot was full. After wandering the parking lot for a few minutes a security car pulled up next to us and asked to help. He said the free RV camping doesn’t exist anymore. It’s $30 a night now.

Back on our way to the right Walmart we arrive right about midnight. We saw the RV parking area in the north 40 and parked. A delightful night of sleep was had. In the morning it was 34 degrees outside and 44 inside. A simple quick breakfast and we were on our way.