End of the year is coming fast

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We know you are being bombarded with BUY, BUY, BUY, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy Local Saturday, etc.  It’s sad that we are entering a season so filled with commercialism, pressure, and guilt, to BUY STUFF.

Instead, lets make it a season of peace and contentment because of what God has done for us through Jesus. Make the choice to choose Jesus first this season, then peace and contentment WILL follow. Pray, asking for God’s guidance in buying/gifting as He would lead you. Do your gifting out of love for God and love for the special people in your life.

Please include us, Jim and Judy, in your prayers also. Ask God if He wants you to become a part of our Wycliffe Ministry Prayer Team. It’s the most anyone can do for us. God loves to hear from His children and He loves to answer. Also, ask God if He wants you to become a part of our Wycliffe Ministry Financial Team.  You can click here to begin.  Did you know that many major employers have matching gift programs for giving to Non-Profits that can double your giving? Our Wycliffe ministry is included in many of them. Contact your HR Department for more details. This normally includes one time gifts, end of year giving, and regular monthly giving.

If you shop on Amazon.com you can use their donation program called “Smile.Amazon” to send a percentage of your purchase to Wycliffe at no additional cost to you.  Last year Wycliffe received over $10,000 through Smile Amazon. Go to https://smile.amazon.com to learn more. This does not directly support Jim and Judy, but it does help Wycliffe to accomplish the vision of Bible access for all.

Thanks for all you do for us. We have the BEST Team in the world.

Jim and Judy,

Jim McCabe
520 599-2470, jim_mccabe@sil.org 
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681, judy_mccabe@sil.org
www.scriptureearth.org   (Our new Wycliffe ministry)


Scripture Earth

Leila Toplic, UNHCR photo


Scripture Resources, providing scripture in the heart language. 

Scripture Access for struggling families

Imagine finding yourself in a country that is not your own. Just a short time ago, you were at home, with friends and family nearby. Then men showed up at your home one night. Your husband went out to see what they wanted. They were demanding to know what political party he belonged to. The discussion got loud and suddenly they were beating him. You and your husband had already discussed this possibility and decided that when this happened, you would get the children and run into the woods to a predetermined meeting place. You ran with four of your five children, the eldest being away at school. You were so scared you forgot the flashlight, food, and water. As you ran you looked back and saw the town was on fire. You got confused, lost and ran for what seemed like hours. You came to a river you did not recognize. This nightmare went on for two months before you were reunited with your husband and fifth child. You had lost everything, except your family. You had to go to a refugee camp in a neighboring country. You had to be moved to two different camps over the following five years. Eventually, you were given asylum in the USA as a political refugee. You were happy to be given this opportunity but also scared. You had heard many stories about America in the refugee camps. Your family was settled in a small furnished apartment. You were all enrolled in English class and the children went to public school.

One day one of your children came home from school all excited. They had found the NT in your language on the internet at a place called www.ScriptureEarth.org. Your eyes welled up with tears. It was a piece of your history, life; like chicken soup to your soul.

Judy and I get the privilege of showing people this new tool! It’s going to be GREAT!

Alzheimer’s Walk 2017

Judy organized a local group of 22 people to help with a fundraiser for Tucson Alzheimer’s Walk for 2017. It was an excellent event. Several thousand people helped make it all happen. It will take 3 – 4 weeks to get all of the final event details completed. I’ll update the page then. But just wanted to say, “thank you” to everyone who helped and prayed. As always, you are a great team!

Jim and Judy McCabe

Walk don’t run!

Dear Friends, Countrymen, Prayer Partners and Motorcyclests

Six weeks ago my motorcycle had an accident. Unfortunately Judy and I were on it at the time, fortunately  it was while passing through a thick patch of sand so the impact was minimal. Thankfully Judy was unharmed. I think I was her airbag. I have a torn left knee ligament and badly sprained ankle.  I’ve been in a leg brace and crutches for the last six weeks. Yesterday I saw the Dr. and am happy to report I got rid of the crutches. He still wants me to wear the brace for another three weeks but gave the brace

full range of motion so I can…walk but not run! Well, I couldn’t really run as my leg muscles have weaken considerably in the past 6 weeks. So thanks for praying; I’m healing.

Speaking of walking, Judy has organized a team to walk with others for a cure for Alzheimer in Tucson October 21. She is doing it for one of our friends, Larry Barrett, who has this disease. I’m really proud of her efforts and desire to see an end to this disease. Check our her page at the link.

Mark this dateSept 30th. Since 1966 the U.S. has celebrated Bible Translation Day on Sept 30th. This was proclaimed a holiday by the House and Senate. This Saturday pray for Bible translation going on around the world and those you know who are part of that work. Celebrate the 23 language communities which received God’s word in their language in the last year.
We were sad to see Chad is now on the list of countries which are banned entry to the US. We have had questions about it, but really don’t know why except that it is considered Muslim majority. But we would ask for prayer for the country as it is having great financial problems which are resulting in more attacks on foreigners so security is at a higher level. Pray for safety for those working in Chad.
Pray for Mexico with the earthquakes and Puerto Rico with the hurricane. We have heard our colleagues in Mexico are fine but many they know have lost their homes. Three of our colleagues are from Puerto Rico and news is their families are OK, but the island is a mess. Please keep them and those helping in your prayers.
Lastly an African proverb: If you want to walk fast, walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk together.
Thanks for walking far with us.
For donations and updates   https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/1EE3AA
Jim McCabe
520 599-2470
Judy McCabe
520 268-3681
Tucson, AZ April – December

I was on my way to Africa yesterday when…

A funny thing happened on my way to Africa on Friday. central-african-location-on-the-africa-map

We thought  something was strange when   American Airlines wouldn’t check our bags all the way through to Bangui, CAR. We arrived in Paris OK, knew we didn’t have much time and got our checked bags from American fast.  By the time we got to the check-in point for Air France we were two minutes too late. They would not let us check in.  TWO MINUTES… We went to the Air France service desk and they said sorry and quoted us a price of about $2500 to reschedule to the next flight. Then we thought “what if just one of us went right now, without checked bags? ” Well, AF allowed that. With a tried and true scientific method we decided Ken should go. 

But wait, some of you don’t know I’m on my way to Africa and or why???

It all started when I was a we little… we’ll fast forward to 2010. John Pepper withHome  had come up with a great idea for teaching driving and entry level maintenance skills for 4X4’s and motorcycles for missionaries heading overseas.  It had a slow start, maybe  because I was helping him with bits and pieces along the way. Eventually the training started to include nationals who were helping Wycliffe and SIL in their home countries Bible Translation Organizations. JAARS started to do fund raising and provide funding for the nationals to buy 4X4’s and local motorcycles. Then JAARS would send trainers to help teach safe driving habits and vehicle maintenance. It was a big hit. There are way more requests for help than the funding can provide. Almost a year ago JAARS asked if I would go to Central African Republic in the fall of 2016 to teach the motorcycle course in French. CAR is a war torn country and the trip was called off due to security problems still brewing in the fall of 2016. We rescheduled for June of 2017. The capital city of Bangui has been declared a Green Zone, meaning the city is safe for Humanitarian and non-governmental organizations to enter and begin working again. Our flight date was set for June 8 departure and a June 23 return. This brings us back to the on going story…

Ken was able to contact   Travel from his cell on his way to the gate and they went to work on trying to fix our problem. Ken gave Siama Travel my cell number and told them to call me as soon as they had an answer.  AF said the ticket reschedule must be completed before the plane departure or we loose my ticket as a no show. I couldn’t get my phone or computer to connect, so I was unable to connect with Siama and made the executive decision to reschedule myself. When I got back to the AF counter, the AF agent, said they found a less expensive way  for me to reschedule and now I just needed to pay 315 euros to change the ticket. That’s about $350 usd. I did it. Then I started  staying at the airport  hotelF1: Over 230 low-cost hotels in France  at 40 euros a night. It’s the cheapest thing around the Paris airport and very nice for the price. Toilet and shower are down the hall, but at least they have one.  I leave for CAR Tuesday morning. I’m planning to be at check-in three hours before departure. Once I got my computer and phone working I sent an email to Siama Travel explaining what I did, they said that was all they could find as well, so I did exactly what they would have done. We’ll have to talk to them about the too tight of scheduling problem and the not getting the bags checked all the way through. For some reason, on this flight to CAR check-in closes 1&1/2 hours before departure. Go figure. 

So just what does one do with a four day layover in Paris?  Well let me tell you. First one gets out the map to see what is nearby. By God’s grace, I see a motorcycle race track just a half mile from my hotel and it looks like they are having an antique motorcycle show on the Saturday I’d be there. That took care of Saturday.  Now that the important stuff is planned, there is all that old stuff downtown that millions of people a year go to look at. I suppose I should go see what all the fuss is about. There is a free shuttle bus between the hotel and airport. At the airport I can get planes, trains and Bus’s to go about anywhere.  For the sum of 27.30 euros  (I’ll let you figure out the USD equivalent) I got a round trip rail pass into town and a 24 hour use any public transport ticket. Knowing one should not beat that offer with a sharp stick I bought it and went into town. You know how hind sight is always 20/20. If I had actually known I was going to be given this opportunity, I would have scheduled a group tour and spent the day getting smarter. But instead I just flew by the seat of my pants (again) tried to learn how to use the map system in the new smart phone I got the day before I left. It was very trying… My next best ideas was to follow the largest group of people leaving the Metro. Once they noticed they were being followed they split up and I ended up at the back door of an extremely large and old looking building. I figgered it must be something of significance. But the door was locked. I mulled around a bit and others came towards the door, but disappeared into a small side door before reaching the big one. I nonchalantly slid in behind them. It took me into a really big courtyard. Somebody of royality and a whole lot of money built this place. Nice stonework decoratively laid all over the ground and a big fountain in the middle.  There could be two football games being played in there at the same time. Or one really nice motorcycle racing flat-track. Across the courtyard, through some giant iron gates, through a tall arched breezeway and into another courtyard of even large proportions. This one had 4 or so glass pyramids pointing up out of the ground and thousands of people milling about. Wait a minute, I’ve seen pictures of this place before, its called the Louvre. I think its a giant underground art museum. After walking the full length of the grounds ending up at the Arc de Triumph, I could see that there was some foresight in building this setup. It kinda reminded me of the Washington DC buildings and monuments setup. So this is where they got the idea for DC.

I didn’t actually go inside of anything. I just got the travel systems and understanding of how it all works coming here as a tourist. So that someday when Judy and get to come back here we won’t be so nervous about what to do and getting around.  We might do it as part of a big tour group… or not.

Its Tuesday morning and I’m at the airport on my way to CAR. Of course everything went great today, not a hitch in the system. So I wait and write. This will need to be continued…

Jim McCabe the Adventurer

Resurrection Sunday might be over, but…

Good morning on this beautiful spring day,


Resurrection Sunday might be over, but because He lives we can face tomorrow…everyone of them. Thank you Jesus for the power over sin and the grave.
Thank you team for praying for us as we traveled the US heading west to Tucson, after our arrival in the US March 15. We had some really good visits with family, friends and partners we hadn’t seen in years and for that we are very grateful. We arrived in Tucson Wednesday afternoon April 12. We unpacked and repacked and are out in California where we celebrated Easter at our church in Escondido with our family.
We will be in Southern California for 10 days to 2 weeks to see family, friends, and ministry partners. We are ready to not be traveling and to get settled back into ministry and life in Tucson. We will officially begin our Mexico SIL work remotely in Tucson May 3.IMG-20170418-WA0000 But the travel won’t be over for long. Jim will be heading to Central African Republic or CAR, June 10-June 26, to teach the French version of the JAARS Inc. motorcycle safety and maintenance program to 28 men and women who work with ACATAB, the national Bible translation organization of CAR. They need to complete this course so they can safely ride and maintain the JAARS donated motorcycles which will greatly aid them in their language development, translation, and literacy work.  Jim was supposed to do this last Oct but it was cancelled for security concerns.
Please continue to keep our future plans in your prayers. We are excited about some possibilities when we finish serving the SIL Mexico Branch in Tucson this Sept. We have looked at and prayed about several options and feel we have some clearer direction. Details coming soon.
Prayer requests:
Our ministry at the Mexico Branch, Jim in facility maintenance, Judy as administrative assistant.
Jim’s trip to CAR to do motorcycle training, June 10 – 26
Safe Travels in all we do.
Our future assignment.
Some of our family’s relationship with God.
For our support team, good health, we are all getting older.
We need to add new team partners.
Jim and Judy McCabe

38375 S. Sunset View Ln

Tucson, AZ 85739
Judy’s parents home

The McPlumbing Continuum

The McPlumbing Continuum, the ideal vs reality. We have been in this orbit before… a McPlan to deviate from. It rarely goes the way I expect it should. Now I’m trying to creatively get the right results with the parts that are available. Pray for wisdom, patience and parts.


The before thought…What to do? What to do?


Jump in and dig… The idea is to install five new pipes in this new 100-meter ditch, one main water line, one filtered drinking water line, one for fiber optics, one main power and one for telephone.


Now, how does that go? The arm tube is connected to the elbow tube, the elbow tube is connected to the long tube, the long tube is connected to the tee tube, etc…


What do you mean, what am I doing at 5 pm Friday night? I’m fixing. It’s what a Jim McFixer does. Actually, the blue t-shirt guy is Stan, “my right hand man”, Swank. The guy on the bridge is Paul, “can do it all”, Beadle. Both of these men are invaluable resources of knowledge and labor. God was good to give them to me for a season. Well actually, I think Paul will be here forever.


Hey, get away from that water valve… I don’t want a bath right now…


The after thought…we should have hired it out…Keep praying…its not done yet.

Jim & Judy McFixers