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Connect Groups

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Connect Groups are about meeting, connecting & moving together through this beautifully messy life. #dotogether © Casas Church


Meeting means getting together based on the common interest or passion of the group. This could be conversations, reading, encouragement, or sports.


Connecting follows meeting, where we get to know each other better and begin to develop friendships beyond just meeting.


Moving follows connecting, where we move into deepening, life-giving relationships with each other & with God. Moving also means we begin to know ourselves better and understand more about who we were created to be. Moving can also mean moving into other Connect Groups. Life isn’t static; neither are Connect Groups.

Meet. Connect. Move. Repeat.

Join us, and discover a group where you can connect.
If you’d like more information, simply email

Jim and Judy have started one called  Motor Sports
Come see what we are up to!

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Jim and Judy have been with Wycliffe since 1984. They have served in aviation maintenance/management, motorcycle, and 4X4 training, recruitment, and facilities maintenance in multiple locations in the US and Africa. They currently work with America's Area, North Region, Scripture Access services team. They are a mobile USA team using the internet and face to face encounters with churches, ministries, Native American communities, Diaspora communities, refugee aid organizations, and individuals, introducing them to Through this website, those who did not grow up speaking English can access the Bible and other Scripture resources in the language they understand best. Would you consider becoming a part of their Wycliffe ministry partnership team? You can join their prayer or financial team by clicking on