Motorcycles for Transformation

Wade and Joy Remer, Wycliffe colleagues, are leaving today for a motorcycle fund raiser for literacy work in Chad, Africa. I told you before that Judy and I would be doing this ride, but due to circumstances beyond our control we can no longer participate by riding. Now we will encourage participation by all of us who have an interest in this valuable project. 
This is Wade standing next to the bike he will be riding. Its a Suzuki TU250. We chose this model because its appearance is very similar to the bikes available in Chad. Except that 99% of the Chad bikes are 125cc motors, Wade and I didn’t think we were man enough to ride 125’s all the way across America.
Here is the rough route the ride will take. It is approximately 2500 miles long. For financial involvement, we are asking people to consider being involved by donating a penny a dime or a dollar per mile. Of course any amount would be gladly accepted. 
That’s where Chad is located. Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, Central African Republic to the south, with Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger on the west. 
This is an example of the northern Guera region of Chad. The lighter 125cc motorcycles can cross the sand so much easier than the larger heaver bikes. 
This is the village of Melfe a part of the Guera region in south central Chad. Motorcycles are the number one means of motorized transport there. The number one means of transport is walking. 
These men and women are Jesus followers. Each of them work in either Bible Translation and or Literacy. They willingly place themselves in difficult situations to get God’s Word into the hearts and minds of their countrymen. Judy and I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to help them. We encourage each of you to ask God if you too can be blessed by helping them communicate the love of God via literacy work in Chad. When you click the link below you will find several ways you can help. One of the simplest and very powerful ways is by clicking the “Like” and the “Share” button once you get to the web page or FaceBook page. Financial involvement is always great! You can also “Start your own campaign” for this project, encouraging your own contacts to become involved. That will really help get the information out to  many more people. 

Motorcycles for Transformation

Thanks for praying with us about this project. As you can guess Chad is near and dear to our hearts. 
Visit the Facebook page for daily updates on the ride. 
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Author: jimjudywycliffejourney

Jim and Judy have been with Wycliffe since 1984. They have served in aviation maintenance/management, motorcycle, and 4X4 training, recruitment, and facilities maintenance in multiple locations in the US and Africa. They currently work with America's Area, North Region, Scripture Access services team. They are a mobile USA team using the internet and face to face encounters with churches, ministries, Native American communities, Diaspora communities, refugee aid organizations, and individuals, introducing them to Through this website, those who did not grow up speaking English can access the Bible and other Scripture resources in the language they understand best. Would you consider becoming a part of their Wycliffe ministry partnership team? You can join their prayer or financial team by clicking on

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