Greek Vacation, Day 6 to the end…

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It refuses to show any photos. At lease we can’t see them. I, (Jim) have spent way too much time trying to figure it out. I’ve attempted to ask the web site provide, help forms, general FAQ’s and have come up with nothing. I am more of a walking computer virus than a computer fixer.
Oh well…
We’ll just send a text update, its better than nothing.
I think we left off with the natural mineral lake visit. Google Vouliagmeni Lake, Greece if you want to see a picture…again.
During our three weeks in Greece, we stayed at three different family run hotels. No chain hotels on this trip. The service was above excellent. They left no doubt they want you there now and want you to come back, soon. We stayed at 2 star hotels which are equal to the “Days Inn” in the USA,  except because of the personal service we always received, they felt like 4 star hotels to us. The public transportation in Greece is excellent, you can get to any location in the country for a very reasonable cost.  Though there is a big learning curve as one would expect, but once beyond that, it could be a breeze traveling the country. In fact, half way through the trip I realized that if we had rented a car, it may have been a much more exhausting trip. We would have traveled to way too many places and tried to do way too many things. By doing public transport, we got a lot more rest, which is exactly what we needed. So it was good we didn’t have a current International license. Our good God knew what we really needed! Here is a good place to add that Judy and I have learned to travel light. One small carry on bag each and one small day- pack. Light is easy. No check-in luggage.
Judy said she would have liked more space though to bring back olive oil, Greek cookies, clothes and much better gifts than what we were able to bring back. Oh well…
Our first island trip was to Evia, an island running on the east side of main land Greece. We boarded a bus at the B bus station after a crazy taxis ride from down town Athens.  It was an nice comfortable touring bus and took two hours to arrive at the ferry crossing. We enjoyed the countryside which reminded us of central California; rolling hills, farms and a reservoir. The ferry took just 30 minutes. The water was so blue and clear. We saw jelly fish or octopus in the water. We arrived at the small fishing village of Edipsos and re-boarded the bus for the 5 minute ride to the bus station just a two block walk from our hotel. It was a landmark hotel, but completely refurbished; beautifully done. We were registered by the owner, Kostas, a local, married to a Brit. Lovely and so helpful.  There was a small mix-up about our reservation so he gave us an upgrade…to a suite with an ocean view. We managed to suffer with it for six nights! The hotel, Kentrikon, has a large swimming pool with jets, waterfalls, whirl pools, fountains and more. Its filled with the island’s natural mineral hot spring water, which is high in sulfur; so good for aching joints and other ailments. It’s drained, pressure washed, scrubbed and refilled every second day. (What a waste you might say! We thought so too until we discovered the hot springs put out so much water that many hotels in town have mineral hot spring pools. It also flows directly into the ocean which we also enjoyed sitting in with the locals and tourists. 
The hotel has bicycles they loan out to its customers and Judy and I rode a lot. The coast roads are flat, but inland gets steep fast. It is idyllic as you can imagine riding down country roads in Greece. Past olive groves, fig and other fruit trees. Being out in the open, smelling the salty ocean air, feeling the sun and wind was very therapeutic. All the same reasons I like riding motorcycles.
And don’t forget the beaches…we did a lot of time on them; trying a new one everyday. Did I say we finally have a nice golden tan? Not as nice as the locals, but if we have more time…
We hated to leave Evia and would have stayed longer had we not wanted to visit another island on the Saronic Gulf between the west coast of Greece’s mainland and the Peloponnese. Greece is way bigger than we knew before this trip. After our ferry, bus, and tram ride back to Athens, we then boarded the “Alexandrios” ferry which would take us to Aegina island. We stayed in a small port, Aegina Marina, as it was less crowded. No cruise ships docked there. The hotel was in a pine grove and also family run…well mostly run by the eldest son same age as our son Josh. Nikolas along with his girl friend and sister made us feel like family. That was a common thread running through all three of the places we stayed.
There we rented a motor scooter and toured the island. Visited the ruins of the sanctuary Aphaia, saw  famous Greek Orthodox monastery and church, snorkeled in the blue waters of the marina at Perdika and just had a wonderful relaxing time. On both islands, each evening, they shut down the car traffic along the main or the coastal road in town. Families, youth, couples of all ages, strolled the streets. They dressed up like Sunday, held hands, enjoyed a “Frappe” or ice cream and just enjoyed the summer evening until mid-night. Wish you could see our pictures…
Our last three nights in Greece we stayed back at our first hotel at Voula. Just had to finish our time with that lovely family and best breakfast ever. We did a day tour of Athens. We weren’t sure we could do it, with Judy’s new heel problem aggravated by walking, but we did, and she survived. We are glad we did. I was so intrigued with the architecture of the Parthenon and other temples at the Acropolis. Amazing that it was built 500 BC and still standing after all that time.  
Our vacation to Greece was EXCELLENT!!!  Again, we can not thank you enough. The entire cost of the trip was paid for by gifts above and beyond our normal monthly donations. Thanks to all who prayed it into reality for us and gave. God loves His kids and He wanted us to be rested to keep serving and enjoy His blessings; and we did.   






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