What we are doing now.

We stayed in Tucson after the Jaars aviation program ended, because Jordan was doing well in high school and we didn’t want to mess that up. Then we decided we would stay until he was able to be 100% on his own. He moved out a few months ago and is now 98% self supporting. We thought we were going to head over to Chad as facilities maintenance manager and things were moving in that direction. Then we went to visit my dad. He is 90 now. I got this distinct feeling that now was not a good time to go to Chad because of my dad. He is the sole care taker of his wife (92) who is very frail. The stats indicate that because he won’t accept help in taking care of her, (we tried all kinds of ways to give him help) he probably won’t live that much longer. I felt like leaving right now would be saying to my dad, “have a great death and we’ll see you in heaven”. Maybe its just me, but I wasn’t comfortable doing that. So right then this Wycliffe job in Tucson opened up, “retirement facility manager”. I applied and got it. But Wycliffe requires we have 100% of our support before starting a new job. We are currently at 77%. So my current job is Partnership Development. Judy’s planning on staying in Recruitment.
We still want to go to Chad and are planning for it in two years. We now have some time to get our French back up to par and get a good grip on Arabic and Chadian / Islamic culture. There is a three day Islamic culture intensive program here in Tucson, we hope to take when the finances come around.

Author: jimjudywycliffejourney

Jim and Judy have been with Wycliffe since 1984. They have served in aviation maintenance/management, motorcycle, and 4X4 training, recruitment, and facilities maintenance in multiple locations in the US and Africa. They currently work with America's Area, North Region, Scripture Access services team. They are a mobile USA team using the internet and face to face encounters with churches, ministries, Native American communities, Diaspora communities, refugee aid organizations, and individuals, introducing them to www.scriptureearth.org. Through this website, those who did not grow up speaking English can access the Bible and other Scripture resources in the language they understand best. Would you consider becoming a part of their Wycliffe ministry partnership team? You can join their prayer or financial team by clicking on https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/JimandJudyMcCabe

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