Jim and Judy McCabe

Jim and Judy McCabe

The Bible is the foundation of the church. The church has the opportunity and responsibility of communicating the love of God to all people in all locations of the world. Jim and Judy want to help the church accomplish this. SIL International in partnership with Wycliffe has developed a new tool for the church to use in getting this job done.

Jim and Judy will be crisscrossing the USA in a very strategic method making face to face encounters with churches, ministries, Native American and immigrant communities, refugee aid organizations, and individuals, introducing them to and helping them learn to use it. Through this website, non-English speakers can access scriptures in their mother tongue or heart language.

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Jim and Judy will continue travel to Chad, Africa leading teams to accomplish special facilities maintenance projects for Bible Translators. Jim will also continue traveling to countries in Africa as part of an African area transportation team, training national  Bible translators and literacy workers motorcycle & 4X4 driving safety and vehicle maintenance. All of this in an effort to connect individuals to Jesus. You too can be a part of this by clicking here!

Scripture Earth News


The below article is from Mission Network News about Scripture Earth. Our colleague Wade, who is promoting the site like we want to do, helped write it. We hope it helps to make it clearer why we are excited about promoting this website in the US. Please keep praying for more partners to join our Wycliffe ministry team. We can’t start promoting this full time until we are at 100% of our Wycliffe ministry budget. Right now we are in California sharing with our present partners and looking for new people to introduce to our Wycliffe ministry.

Website fills the gap for Bible distribution to minority language groups

By Julie BourdonMarch 14, 2018
pixabayInternational (MNN) – Many people believe Bible translation could be completed for all languages within our lifetime. However, many of the remaining languages are spoken in tumultuous parts of the world. Be it civil war, poverty, or famine, chaotic circumstances around the globe have driven people abroad at great rates. This means that the distribution process has become much more complicated.

Wade Remer of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA says this is the purpose of their website,, an index of Scripture resources in different languages.

Remer says, “Wycliffe’s website was started by three computer guys who realized that as the Scriptures were translated and printed and distributed, the distribution happened [in] foreign fields. But as people migrate [to the United States] and to other places around the world, they needed access to those Scriptures.”

When people move to a different country where they are a minority language group, they usually can’t find a physical copy of the Bible in their language. But Scripture Earth has Bible content of various mediums in just under 2,300 languages. Wycliffe has been involved in the Bible translation of many of these languages, but the website also includes translations other organizations have done.

This website has been around for about six years now. Remer, who’s been with Wycliffe for about 30 years, says he and his wife, Joy, have been involved with spreading the word about the website for the last year or so. And Scripture Earth is an eye-catching resource for minority language speakers, even if they weren’t specifically looking for Scripture.

“The only thing online in their language, in many cases, is the Scripture. And the easiest way for a person to find the Scriptures is through the website, Scripture Earth. And so, we do a lot of distribution of a little card we have about Scripture Earth in libraries. We talk to individuals. We look for key people in ministries that are reaching out to the refugee and the immigrant here in the United States,” Remer explains.

True to the heart of Wycliffe’s vision, Scripture Earth is about sharing the Gospel with people in the way they will understand best. Remer says, “God’s Word speaks best through the heart language.”

The usage of this website is growing, and so are the resources offered. Will you ask God to use this website to impact the people who don’t know him yet? Pray for more people to learn about this website so they can study Scriptures in their language.

“God’s Word does God’s work. And you know, if a man, woman, or child want to read the Bible, they shouldn’t have to learn a foreign language. And Scripture Earth … allows people to listen to it, to download the in their language. And we’re starting to put more resources like literacy primers and materials like that on the website as well.”

Consider sharing this website with the non-native English speakers in your life and community. 

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9,000 miles in 77 days

We just got back to Tucson!  It was a great trip that’s not over yet. 9000 miles in 77 days so far. Our last update was from Orlando, FL to Houston, TX. From there we had several great appointments in the Dallas area, one in Norman, OK. Ten days worth of appointments in Wichita, KS. Several in Western Kansas. One in Los Animas, CO. Two in Albuquerque, NM. A stop in Show Low, AZ and White Mt. Apache cultural center and then home to (5)            Red is what we have already done in the last 77 days. Blue is the next phase.

We won’t go into extensive detail about our travels here, except to say they were beyond our expectations. We are convinced this is the season for The technology is in place for this treasure chest of jewels to be given away around the world. We have given out over 2,500 ScriptureEarth cards and sent cards to several who wanted more to share in their community.  On average it only took us about five minutes to explain what is and our desire to promote it so people can have access to the Scriptures in their heart language. God provided many opportunities to talk with Churches, Christian organizations, Christian schools who had foreign students saw the value right off. We talked to other Wycliffe members, a Dallas radio station announcer, many Wycliffe ministry partners, pastors, and many new people. Once we shared it, we would “green light” ideas of how they or their church could use Pastors and friends have given us names of people in other towns who have ministries or a church outreach to those who grew up not speaking English. If we were talking to a pastor we would suggest they put it in their bulletin, on the screen up front on Sunday morning, make an announcement about it from the pulpit, put it on their church web or FB page, insert in their email signature, business card,  print cards for the members to hand out at opportune times, etc. You too can share this with your pastor!

Some of our meetings were planned, but many were just great opportunities. Sometimes when driving by a church we would get a God nudge, “Go there”. We stopped to see what God had lined up. At one of our meetings, a pastor gave us a contact with a Syrian woman who works with Somalians. He was involved with BOTT radio and gave us the idea for putting Public Service Announcements on for-profit radio stations across the USA, for free.

A God thing happened in Garden City, KS. A Wichita pastor said he had a sister church in Garden City and we should go see them. We had forgotten about it as we drove around the outside of Garden City.  Judy wanted a coffee. We looked for the closest McD’s location and as we were heading to it God led us right past the church we had forgotten about. We laughed as we stopped in and talked to the wife of the pastor, as he was out on a call. She was very excited about

Additional funding is coming in as individuals have joined our partnership team and some present partners have increased their donations to Wycliffe for our ministry. A few churches have asked important questions about our Wycliffe ministry budget and funding and we are waiting to hear back from them. Keep praying!  God wants this work accomplished and He will provide all of our needs in His timing. If God is urging you to get on board with our Wycliffe ministry as financial or prayer partners, don’t delay. It’s a great adventure you don’t want to miss.

***Prayer request***

Wednesday morning my (Jim) right knee, the one I had a partial replacement done in 2014, swelled up like a big grapefruit. Hurt like the dickens and was very difficult to walk on. I didn’t do anything, except drive 9000 miles in 77 days. But that couldn’t have done it, could it? Praise God, I got a Doc appointment for Monday morning.  If the knee thing goes well, (Doc says wear a brace for the next month), we will head to California the end of next week for another month of Partnership Development (PD). If the knee thing does not go well, (Doc says surgery now), then we’ll be around a while; deviate from our California plan and do whatever else God has planned for us.

Orlando to Houston…


Traveling across this country meeting with you has been fantastic! At each meeting, each appointment, each church, you were supportive. Your excitement over this new Scripture access program,, which we will be representing is very encouraging to us. Several of you have joined our prayer team and either increased your financial partnership or started partnering with our Wycliffe ministry. We still have 18% yet to go to be at 100% of the Wycliffe budget.


Red is where we have been and blue is our proposed next route.

Keep praying for us:

  • Stamina
  • Clarity of our message
  • No more vehicle problems
  • Safety on the road
  • Good health
  • Our thankfulness is communicated
  • More speaking opportunities.
  • Reach 100 % of our Wycliffe ministry budget

God is GOOD! We are grateful! You are a wonderfully supportive team!

If you’d like to join our Wycliffe ministry prayer or finance team;

Donations can be made or commit to pray for us online at   Checks may be made out to Wycliffe Bible Translators and sent to Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862-8200. Please include a separate note indicating, “Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Jim and Judy McCabe, account #221793.” 

Wycliffe Orlando


The headquarters for Wycliffe USA is located in Orlando, FL. We have been coming here every four years or so for meetings or training or because we have Wycliffe ministry partners in the area. It’s always encouraging to hear and see what’s happening.


Above photo is looking south from the Wycliffe Discovery Center. It’s a world-class visitors center all about Bible Translation. If you come to the Orlando area, this is a must-see.

The above video is our Wycliffe 2017 year in review.

If the video isn’t clear on the blog, click the link above and it will take you to Youtube.

Scripture in the heart language….

Pray with us:

  • More opportunities to speak about this transforming global work and how people can get involved through partnering with our Wycliffe ministry. Together we can reach the 1.5 billion who still need God’s Word in their heart language.
  • Safety as we travel from Orlando to Houston, up to Wichita, and on to California.
  • God’s provision of a new computer.



Their eyes grew large as they listened..

Logo Ladies with New TestamentsThere are three types or groups of people we like to expose  to.

1. Individuals who want to reach out to non-native English speakers.

2. Individuals who are non-native English speakers.

3. Organisations who want to reach out to non-native English speakers.

The method of doing it is about the same. The first 30 seconds is spent helping them realize we are not trying to sell them anything. The next minute and a half are spent telling and showing them what it is. (Yes, it is that easy) The next three minutes we watch their eyes grow large as they really start to comprehend (either) (A) just how big and powerful this website is. (or) (B) they are shocked that someone has taken the time to learn and write down their heart language.

If it’s (A) just how big and powerful this website is. Then the following minutes are spent “Greenlighting”. First, they are realizing all the different ways they can start using this site to get people connected to the Bible. Then they transition to telling us we need to go and connect with, this person, that person, this organization and that church/pastor.  It’s an idea frenzy taking place, words are flowing fast. We are feverishly writing down all their suggested contact ideas and their contact information. Then after X-amount of time, we are all depleted, happy and content. Something special just happened and they know they are a part of something very BIG coming down the road!

If it’s (B) they are shocked that someone has taken the time to learn and write down their heart language. Then as they look at our smartphone and see the Bible or New Testament are really in their language, that there is the Bible in audio.  Then they see the “Jesus film” video, and study aids and at time volumes of information in their heart language. They are visibly excited about this new gold mine they have just discovered. They want the business card we have that has the web address. Then they want several more to give to friends and family. At times they have many more questions at times they are at work and must get back to it.

If it’s (3) an organization, church/pastor. They normally go with the (A) just how big and powerful this website is. We don’t have a lot of experience with this category yet.  In fact, only three so far. But, three positive events. All three gave us an invite to come back and share more.

Please keep this new ministry in your prayers. That God will use it in a powerful way to bring people to Himself. Please pray that the funding for our Wycliffe ministry budget will come in quickly. God has specific individuals and churches He wants on our team. Maybe you are one of them. Ask God, then walk boldly in what He tells you to do.



The Journey Continues, days 11-20…

The last post was reflective in nature. Good reflections which we hope inspired you to take another look at God and His design of creation, us, and the one we celebrate not only at Christmas but all year, Jesus.

This one will be more pictorial and recount the events since the New Year began. Our youngest, Jordan and his girlfriend Sara came to join us at Jody and Caleb’s home in Hickory, NC. Violette, our 7-year-old granddaughter painted a lovely picture of her mom, herself and Gigi, me, Judy (I’m writing this blog). Since the temps were so cold we did lots of indoor activities like painting, playing “Go Fish” and Monopoly.  We were amazed at the grandkids playing over 2 hours with us. Then we went to the science museum in Hickory and it was a blast as they showed us all their favorite parts.

Run your cursor over the pictures for captions

New Year’s Eve, we drove Jordan and Sara to the airport in Charlotte for their flight back to Arizona. Pulled in the RV park at JAARS and hooked up to electric. Yeah, heat! That night was cold, 7 degrees. We attended the center meeting at 8. It was wonderful to meet up with so many we had worked with or known when we worked here and around the world. After the meeting, the organizer asked if we could share the following week about That worked for us.

7-degree morning JAARS

Thursday, the 4th, we had planned to drive up to Roanoke and then to DC, but some winter storm named Grayson had us delay a day. That meant another day with the grandkids, yeah! We decided not to take the RV so left it at the kids in Hickory and rented a little economy car. When we got to the rental agency they were all out of economy ones so we got a free upgrade. We like upgrades.img_20180105_094653-e1515631202626.jpg



We drove up I 95 and saw snow as we got further east.

We spent the weekend with a ministry partner, Ranetta and her husband Mike. We hadn’t seen her since 2002. She was single then and volunteered at a music festival in Ohio where we had a JAARS helicopter and a booth.  Saturday she got tickets for the Museum of the Bible. That is an amazing museum. A must see if you are in DC. 6 floors and we only finished the 4th which was about the history of the Bible. So we have to go back sometime to do the rest.

Sunday we attended their warm and alive pentecostal church. Very uplifting and encouraging. They even gave us a few minutes at the end to share about scripture earth.  Many took cards to pass on to people they knew.  After lunch, coming out the door at the Bojangles, a nice man opened the door and asked how my meal was. I said good and asked if he owned the business. He did. Because of his accent, I asked if he was originally from another country. He said the country and I said I knew a website that housed reading and audio materials in many of the languages of the world. I gave him a Scripture Earth card and he thanked me. I had to leave as my ride was waiting. God opportunities. 20180107_135219






After lunch, we programmed our GPS with the next destination. About 15 minutes from our destination we called our friends.  As we told him where we were, he said I think you are still 3 hours away. We then realized we did an input mistake on the GPS. Yes, we really were still 3 hours away.  They are so sweet, instead of dinner at 5, we had a fashionably late dinner at 8:30. Then stayed up till almost midnight talking. Gracious friends are wonderful!


The scenic detour we took in northern Virgina was very beautiful. The stone walls had probably been there since well before Civil War days. We stopped at one historic marker that noted the battle of Snicker Hill where they listed by name and rank, all 198 people who died in that battle. We were traveling on the Snicker Turnpike.




Next morning, we went to IMG_20180108_094626Summit Helicopters in Salem, VA. where a couple of friends worked. The whole company was in recurrency training meetings, but a lovely receptionist who had worked there since forever was happy to give us a tour. Helicopters are wonderful machines. We met one of our two friends, the other had already returned to Tucson, AZ.


Stopped by Jody’s to pick up the RV and headed to JAARS. Jim spoke Tuesday morning about Scripture Earth. He is the little speck behind the podium. The audience left inspired and encouraged to start making better use of the business cards with the web address on them.

It finally warmed up to 65 degrees and20180110_141052 Jim decided to wash the McBus. It has been a faithful travel machine. We have learned that for living in an RV full time, this size is not ideal for us. We need a regular bed we can both fit in and we don’t have to put away each morning. Picky, picky aren’t we. It has been and still is a wonderful test vehicle for us to learn about living on the road. We have met several people who are full-time RVers and still love it.

Keep praying for our Wycliffe Ministry Budget fundraising adventures. We still need many new monthly donors before we can begin full time in our new roles promoting  Scripture Earth.