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Isaac came to the US from Egypt as a young man to find a better life for his family. He is a follower of Jesus and pastors an Arabic Baptist church in Murfreesboro, TN. He worked in the hotel business for several years until he opened a Greek sandwich shop. We ate at his shop (which was excellent) and shared with him about the Scripture resources available on in his language. He was very interested in the resources for children.

Gi, a young Chinese man, sat across from us at McD’s. Judy got into a conversation with him and found out he was a believer who had been in the US for 6 years going to the University. She showed him the SE website on his phone and he was very excited to see all the digital resources available in Mandarin, his mother tongue. He attends an English-speaking church in town because he wants to improve his English. We exchanged each other’s contact information. We hope to visit a local Chinese church with him next time we’re in town.

Thanks for praying for these opportunities and partnering with us!

Our goal…Bible access for all! Sharing the website is one way to make this happen. Today we found out about #illumiNations18, a gathering of Bible translation organizations working together for the same goal, Bible access for all! Wycliffe is one of the ten who are collaborating with unprecedented unity to see over 1 billion people gain access to God’s Word in a language and form they clearly understand. Praise God for their vision and leadership. What a privilege to share in the same goal!

We are thanking our Faithful Father for each new partner since we started posting the tiles. It’s so exciting!

Because of what we shared in our last email, about supporting survivors of hurricane Florence, we have set a new faith goal date of Nov. 1. At that time, we are trusting that our Wycliffe partnership team will be at 100% and we will be released to begin our new Scripture access work. Please begin praying with us for God’s direction as we plan where we will focus our efforts in 2019.

We are back in Tucson for now. We expect to be here until mid-November when we will need to travel back to NC for Jim’s trip to Papua New Guinea Nov. 28 to Dec 18. Jim and another JAARS Land Transportation trainer will be teaching a 4 wheel drive maintenance and driving course to national Bible translators.

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Jim and Judy McCabe

Great is Thy Faithfulness…

This is probably one of our favorite hymns. We sang it at the church we visited with partners near Knoxville. It reminded us again of the mercy, love, grace, forgiveness, and hope we have in Jesus each new day. Lamentations 3:22-24. Boy do we need it each day! How have you seen His faithfulness this week?  We have seen His faithfulness in protecting us as we drive across the US sharing about with our partners and new people we meet. We have seen His faithfulness by leading many more to partner with our Wycliffe ministry both financially and in prayer. As a result, there are less tiles to choose from this week! Thank you Lord! If you are still praying about partnering with our finance team, the un-Xed tiles represent the amount of shortfall in our monthly Wycliffe ministry budget. Pick one or a part of one or more than one.

Hurricane Florence

We are so grateful to the Lord that our friends in North and South Carolina were spared the worst of Florence. But our hearts go out to those suffering from Florence and will have months of recovery. We can’t imagine how devastating it must be! If you are feeling led to join our Wycliffe ministry team but are also feeling compassion for the immediate needs of those suffering from Florence, please follow His lead. Jesus often met the physical needs first. We will still receive partner promises even after our faith goal date of Oct. 1


On Aug.18th our newest grandson, Everett Forest Depp arrived. He is our 3rd one, all belonging to our daughter Jody and husband Caleb. We had been in Hickory since Aug 8 awaiting his arrival and then we stayed several weeks to help in the adjustments of a new baby. He’s absolutely, adorable! It is so very hard to leave. We are on the road now, as we trek back to Tucson stopping along the way to visit partners and family. We expect to arrive the end of the first week of Oct. It will be nice to be home.

Thank you again for faithfully partnering with us for Bible access and engagement.

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Jim and Judy McCabe

More Than Rice

More Than Rice

by El­yse Patten      Photo: Andy Kris­t­ian Agaba

Happy kids pose on a small rice farm in Uganda. While west­ern me­dia of­ten fo­cuses on this na­tion’s strug­gles, Ugan­dans are per­se­ver­ing, gen­tle and strong in faith. Over 82% of Ugan­dans call them­selves Chris­t­ian. Al­though many Ugan­dans have ac­cess to the Scrip­tures in the na­tional lan­guage, that doesn’t en­able the same level of un­der­stand­ing as a heart lan­guage. For ex­am­ple, af­ter at­tend­ing a ba­sic Bible teach­ing sem­i­nar, Mr. Za­ve­rio, 97, said, “I was not ex­pect­ing to wit­ness the Word of God be­ing read in Bwisi while I was still alive. This week I have learned the true mean­ing of sal­va­tion, and I have ac­cepted Jesus as my Savior. I will die in the Lord. They used to tell us that a true Chris­t­ian is the one who at­tends church all the time, gives gifts, does good works and prays every evening. But now through these teach­ings in my lan­guage of Bwisi, I am un­der­stand­ing that God for­gives our sins through Christ!”

This is what is all about. Helping individuals who want to know God, learn the true mean­ing of sal­va­tion, in their heart language, through His Word.

It’s just a couple of weeks till Oct 1. That is our faith goal for having our Wycliffe ministry budget fully met. We are so grateful to God for all of his faithful sons and daughters who have come alongside us in this ministry. If you are still praying about joining our finance team, the un-Xed colored tiles represent the amount of shortfall in our monthly Wycliffe ministry budget. Pick one or a part of one or more than one. Please keep praying.                                                                         Click here to partner.

The above article was from the Wycliffe Global Alliance website, and was used with permission.
P.S. Bwisi language resources are found on but under another name, Lubwisi.

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Tools… Related image

Everyone uses them for their jobs. IT people use computers, auto mechanics use wrenches, and carpenter uses saws and hammers.

Missionaries use tools of all kinds in their work too!  The Bible has been a primary tool for centuries helping introduce people to God. One of our newest tools is This is a website created to house scripture resources in thousands of languages. We have had a blast showing people the website. So many are amazed at all the information that is found there.

What will you find?  That depends on what has been completed in a specific language. In some languages, you’ll find the whole Bible, or perhaps just the New Testament, or Scripture portions in text form, audio, and video. Often there are multiple versions of Scripture, study aids, and children’s material. Even if the scriptures are not linked to it yet, one will often find the Jesus Film, which is a great introduction to the life of Christ through the eyes of the apostle Luke.

IMG_20171108_163738 (1)

How is it used?  With a smartphone, you can quickly access the web page. The opening or splash page shows a list of all the countries of the world. Choose one. The next page shows all the languages spoken in that country. Choose one. The next page shows Scripture and other resources that have been completed in that language. If you don’t have a smartphone you can always find it on your computer!


We used it to show Philip, a store employee who was helping us find something. We could hear by his accent that he was from Africa. We told about our time serving there. We asked him what country he was from, he said Uganda. We told him about and showed it to him on his phone. The Scripture Earth website showed 31 different languages spoken in Uganda. After a few swipes, he found his language, Luganda. He was so excited he couldn’t wait to check it out after work.  A quick internet search showed us there are about 9,000 Ugandans in the USA right now with the largest concentration being in Chicago.


This tool is for everyone to use. Those who find it will love it because someone honored their language enough to develop it into a written form and translate materials into it. Because it is their language they will read, listen and watch whatever is published in it. Then they will forward it to family and friends.

Pray with us that God will provide the team to meet our Wycliffe budget requirements and prayer support that will allow us to get started on this important assignment. Click partner with our Wycliffe ministry.

Choose your tile

The un-Xed tiles are open for claiming! Pick one or a part of one or more than one. God is our provider and He is faithfully taking care of us. Thank you, partners, for all you do!

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Missionaries can never go Home.

The following link is a good look at a missionaries life. Judy and I experience this. While on earth we will always be the odd ducks. I have been calling us, “American Nomads”, our real home is waiting for us. Enjoy the read.


Pray for a good script,  Pray for access…

We need to make some Scripture Earth videos and radio ads explaining how Scripture helps in natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and in the premeditated disasters like school shootings, hijackings, bombings, sex slave trade, civil wars, terrorism, child abuse, animal abuse, etc. When a disaster hits, no matter where in the world it happens, and it gets in the USA media, people want answers. TV and radio talk shows want to give answers and will be scrambling to find people who can give answers. If we can provide some plausible helpful answers, they will air it. Why did it happen, how can it be stopped before it starts, how can people heal from this, how can people help, etc.?

Related image

80% of the world has a belief system that includes God. 50% of that group are Christian leaning. We the followers of Christ have answers from Scripture the world needs to hear. If we properly position ourselves and confidently project the answers we already have, it will help people stop and think. It will help slow down the premeditated disaster situations. It will help heal in all the disasters.

I know Scripture has answers. I know Scripture in the heart language has more answers. I think we should pre-make some short 30 and 60 sec videos and audio recordings explaining why and how Scripture can help stop some of the premeditated disaster situations. Specific video scripts for specific situations; “It’s not guns that kill, its people using guns that kill. Why are people wanting to kill? How can they be stopped or changed before they act?” We need to point out that Scripture can bring peace and calm to people before they commit a disaster, thereby possibly averting the disaster and bring peace and calm to those affected by a disaster situation. The simple act of giving people Scripture in their heart language can bring calm and be healing to many difficult situations.

The premade 30 or 60-second videos and audio sent to TV and radio news stations or talk shows right when the disaster is first made known will give a narrow window of time to be invited to do a live interview expanding on how we know Scripture and specifically Scripture in the heart language can help curb and or heal in these situations. We will have an opportunity to give examples of why we think the way we do. Remember, all the world is entitled to our opinion. (We have the right answer)

Yes, this goes way beyond just Scripture Earth, but we can take the lead in getting the ball rolling, showing exactly how this website can help. Others may follow and do a better job. Or, by God’s grace, our presentation may be all that is needed to start the change.

I honestly think if we came up with a solid script we could get any number of Christian media presenters to do the videos for us. I could see Franklin Graham or Michael W Smith saying this, doing this for us.

Pray for a good script,  Pray for access to a video production company, Pray for the right person to narrate or present this.


Keliko New Testament Dedication.

The Keliko homeland is in South Sudan, but due to unrest, many community members now live as refugees in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and as far away as Houston, Texas. The translators, including Bishop Seme, the Episcopal bishop of the diocese where the Keliko live, had labored through 20 years of civil war and unrest to complete this translation.

They all converged on a small town in northwest Uganda called Koboko to celebrate the dedication of the Keliko New Testament. They came from all directions. Many lived in the local refugee camps. They walked, rode bicycles, public transport or hitched rides from South Sudan, the DRC and by air from all parts of the globe.

God is not a foreigner anymore
Photo by Elaine Bombay

The speeches at the August 11 dedication had a common theme: Peace. Just the week before the warring parties in South Sudan had signed a peace agreement. Pray that having the words of peace will bring long-lasting peace to this region. This is one of the many displaced people groups located in Houston, TX. They all need access to Gods Word in their heart language. We hope to visit one hundred plus churches in the area over the next few years. We will teach them ways of reaching out to these displaced people by using Scripture in their heart language.

We are greatly encouraged to receive three new partners and one promise to increase their financial partnership and many who promised to pray with us.

The colored tiles represent the amount of shortfall in our monthly Wycliffe ministry budget. A partnership can be accomplished by a monthly, quarterly or annual gift of any amount. Each tile represents a person, family, or group committed to seeing God’s Word accessible to all! Like the Keliko people. Before we can be released by Wycliffe to work full time on our assignment we need all the tiles promised. Please keep praying.